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The Inner-Circle Sports Business Mastermind

Hey Coach, it's Ben Nabers

At this point, you've probably read my newsletter, watched some of my YouTube videos or listened to our podcast. 

You are here for a reason.

You have a deep hunger and passion to help more kids... and you want to grow a successful business....

But right now you are stuck - and you need help

That's why I'm here - to help guide you and mentor you (every step of the way)

You've probably already heard about our Inner Circle Sports Business Mastermind...and I can't wait to tell you more about it!

Before we dig in...

First, I have a couple questions for you...

1) Are you where you want to be with your business right now?

2) Do you feel like you're getting paid what you're worth?

3) Do you have a strategy to consistently add new players and athletes into your program month after month?

If you answered NO to any of these questions, I want you to pay close attention. 

You see, when I started my business 10 years ago - I didn't have a clue about how to run a business. 

I didn't go to college to get some fancy business degree...

I never had a business before, so I had zero experience... and on top of that, I was extremely shy and I hated the idea of marketing and selling my program.

There were many depressing months where I was struggling and wanted to quit.

Seriously, it made me want to throw in the towel and go get a normal 9-5 job.

It was one of the toughest times of my life. 

I knew I wanted to coach kids full-time, but it was such a struggle to financially succeed.  

Many friends and family members told me "Ben, you need to get a real job."

Maybe someone has said that to you..

Sucks right?

This is when I finally realized something. 

It didn't matter how good of a trainer I was...

"Being a good trainer doesn't pay the bills."

I needed to break out of my shell and actually learn business. 

This made me look in the mirror - I had to change WHO I was as a person if I wanted to be successful. 

Personally, this wasn't something I could do alone.

I searched found a mentor who could keep me accountable. 

Personally, I knew I needed help.

Once I found a mentor...

I began to think like a businessman - not like a struggling trainer anymore..

This changed my entire outlook on my business. 

Making this change (and having someone over my shoulder mentoring me) made a significant impact in my business and personal life.

I finally learned how to properly market I could differentiate myself from my competitors. 

...and like a light switch...I became more confident speaking to parents about my program (sales)...

That's when my business really started to take off!

This made me realize the potential I had with my private training business. 

Month after month I started to dive deeper into "how my business can grow faster" without spending 100's of hours per week coaching. 

I went from being a struggling trainer that was barely making ends meet...

To establishing myself as the most sought after trainers in my state

Since 2009, our program has trained over 6,500 kids locally in my city through private training, group training, camps and clinics.

I don't say this to brag - I say this to show you what's possible

If you've followed what we've done here at "Build My Sports Biz" - you know my goal is to help you to succeed at a very high level. 

At the end of the day, you are here because YOU want to succeed.

You see, over the past 4 years - coaches in the private training industry have sought me out to help and mentor them 1-on-1 with their business....(you can read the case studies and watch testimonial videos below on this page video).

At this point, we've successfully helped 100's of coaches worldwide who are now running successful training businesses in every sport imaginable. 

It's been extremely fulfilling to see coaches succeed

This leads us to where we are today...

Although I love helping and mentoring coaches 1-on-1 with their business...

...I know not every coach can afford my 1-on-1 consulting program…it’s a $12,000 investment for 12 months of 1-on-1 help.

This means there’s a lot of coaches out there who can't afford my 1-on1 help…but I needed to do something to create an affordable solution. 

So I went back to the drawing board and the light bulb immediately went off.

I asked myself, what if we create a Group Mastermind where you’ll get my 1-on-1 help...

...You'll get the step by step formula to grow your own successful business...

...You'll get the accountability you need...

...and you’ll be able to learn from other coaches in the group who in the trenches just like you. 

This was the inception of the Inner-Circle Sports Business Mastermind 

When you scroll down this page, you'll learn all about the program and I'll even give you a sneak peek and tour of the members only area.

This way you can see it for yourself.

Below that, you’ll see some of the client testimonials and case studies :)

This is where you’ll hear from the coaches who have see massive growth in their business over the past 12 months.

Coach, I’m ready to mentor you in this program!

No matter what stage you are in with your business, the mastermind group is a perfect fit for you IF you are committed. 

Here's a couple rules though...

  • You must be coachable and take instruction
  • You must be accountable and dedicated
  • You must be a positive person who is excited about helping kids
  • You must be open and transparent to sharing what is holding you back (so I can actually help you)
  • You must be competitive and have the desire to be the #1 trainer in your area

This group isn't for everyone.

I turn away the vast majority of coaches who try to apply for our group...

This group is for winners only. 

It's only for YOU if you are willing to implement the advice I teach you (and work hard)

To be apply to become a member of the mastermind, simply tap here

Below, you'll see everything you need to know about the program.

Here's what you get when you become a member or our ICSB Mastermind Program

✅ Weekly LIVE conference Call - Each week, Ben hosts a LIVE conference call that you participate in. We will be covering the latest in sales and marketing. You'll be assigned weekly homework with action steps to complete each week to ensure your accountability. 

✅ Weekly Live Hot Seats - At the end of every live video call, Ben will allocate time to answer your most pressing questions to help you strategize your next move with your business. 

✅ Surround Yourself with Coaches Who Want You To Succeed - You won't be alone in this journey. Ben will lead the group every week but you'll also be able to learn from the other like-minded coaches in the group (so you can fast track your success)

✅ Immediate Access to Ben's "Inner-Circle Online Membership" Portal

The online membership includes:

  • 🔓 Weekly LIVE Inner-Circle Call Video and MP3 Audio Recordings - Ben will upload the weekly LIVE video to your membership area just in case you are busy and happen to miss the call...or if you want to watch a replay. You'll have the ability to watch the video OR you can listen to the call in audio form from your headphones.
  • 👤 Create Your Business Profile - This is the first step to take when you login to your membership. You'll create your own "Business Profile" so you can become crystal clear on your business goals. The more clear you are on your goals, the FASTER you will accomplish your goals
  • 📓 Daily Progress Tracker - The progress tracker will ensure you are accountable daily to your business goals. You'll learn how to better structure your day and how to maximize your time. 
  • 📝 Contracts to Close Highly Committed Clients - You'll receive the same contract that Ben uses to ensure his clients are committed for 6-12 months. Having a contract will eliminate "no-show's" and "flaky clients" who don't pay. The contract will also give you the peace of mind KNOWING every client who you train is committed.
  • 📁 Client Management System - Ben's complete "done for you" organizational tool to keep track of your clients. This will simplify your business and save you at least 10-20 hours per month. You'll save time and make more money.
  • 📈 Systems to Run and Automate Your Business Without You - Ben will go behind the curtain and show you the EXACT systems to use (websites, payment systems) everything you need to be successful at a high level. 
  • 💻 Free Video Courses and Updates (Members Only Perk) - Anytime Ben adds additional content, programs or resources to the membership area - they will be added to your account for FREE during your membership. 

Tour of the Members Only Area

Simply click play to view the online membership area that you'll have immediate access to!


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What the Coaches are Saying...

Watch the video below to see some of the results (and scroll below the video to see even more case studies)


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More Results...

"Ben Nabers is the real deal. I honestly thought it would be a crazy dream to be able to quit my job and coach full time, but with Ben's help that is exactly what I was able to do! I followed Ben's advice to the letter and it has been the best decision I have made for myself. Thanks to Ben and his program I feel like I haven't worked a single day since I quit my corporate job!" - Coach David

"Coach Ben has helped me grow my  Academy from the ground up! I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be where I am now without his help. Definitely the best investment I’ve ever made." - Coach Shay

"When I was going back and forth on starting my business I would talk about it with my family and friends quite often. I began researching and I came across Ben Nabers and decided, with no hesitation to reach out for some guidance and advice. I received the chance to talk with Ben over the phone shortly after my first email to him. I believe there is something to be said about approaching a complete stranger who understands the shoes you are in. I wasn't nervous about what he would think and I wasn't afraid to ask any and all the questions I had. Ben helped me and most importantly gave me the encouragement, confidence and belief that it was 100% possible. I can honestly say if it weren't for getting in contact with him, I most likely would not have taken the leap of faith I did in following this dream. I have been in business for a little over half a year and I continue to reach out to Ben on a monthly basis. I can't say thank you enough for giving me the push and I am stoked to see where my academy takes me." - Coach Mackenzie

"Ben teaches you how to run a more sustainable business for yourself. This way your business can be scalable and you know what to expect in the upcoming months. Great guy. 100% Recommended." - Coach Jevaughn

"Thank you coach Ben. You’ve helped me grow my business and open my eyes to see things differently. Because of you I am coaching full time and continuing to grow." - Coach Thuto

"Every minute of working with Ben has been valuable. He's very action oriented and I've gotten atleast one month worth of actionable steps for every few minutes of talking with him. I've gotten so much value from working with him and he's someone who genuinely cares about helping out." - Coach Graham

"Coach Ben has giving me some great advice to help me get started on my business he was very informational and had a lot of ideas that I could use to grow very quickly. Thank you again!" - Coach Mike

"Fantastic mentor and role model! If you want to start a sports business from scratch, Ben will teach you a lot." - Coach Leo

"Big thanks to Ben Nabers. After one phone conversation my Academy was significantly transformed. Thank you!" - Coach Uriah

Need proof? Check the verified reviews here


Ben And His Consulting Clients Have Been Featured On

Membership Options

Choose between our monthly or our annual plan.




Weekly Live Calls + Recordings

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded Coaches

Daily Accountability to Ensure Lasting Results

Access to Ben's Online Members Only Portal

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Annual Plan



Includes Everything in Monthly Plan ...

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*Special Bonus: *You'll also receive a 50% discount to Ben's Annual "Sports Business Summit"

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I get accepted into Ben's ICSB Mastermind Program?

This is an application process. Ben does not accept every coach into this program. This is for serious coaches only. You can apply by clicking here

How fast will I get results?

You get what you put into the program. We have several members who have achieved results QUICKLY due to their implementation. Results vary based on work ethic and implementation. 

Membership Details

This is a monthly or annual membership and you can cancel or upgrade anytime by emailing our support team at [email protected]. We have a no refund policy that is stated on this website. All sales are final.

Annual Plan

If you choose the annual plan, that will reserve a 12 month membership to Ben's Inner-Circle Program. The annual plan is a 12 month recurring membership (you can cancel anytime). All sales are final.

Monthly Plan

If you choose the monthly plan, you will be automatically billed every 30 days from the original date of payment. There's no longterm agreement or contract. You can cancel anytime or request alternate billing options (quarterly, bi-monthly, every six months) by emailing our customer support team at [email protected]. If your monthly payment fails and you do not update your card on file within 48 hours, we will remove you from the membership.

Ben's Cancelation and Refund Policy:

By registering online through our safe and secure checkout system, you agree to the terms and conditions on this page. You agree to our "no refund" policy and have thoroughly understood Ben's policy. You may cancel your membership anytime by emailing Ben at [email protected] (cancelation email must be sent 3 days before the next automatic payment to warrant cancelation. 


* The advertised results of the success stories on this page throughout this site are only typical of people who worked really hard and followed every tactic I've outlined in the products they purchase from me. Results may vary. Simply put, if you put in the work, you will see the results. 


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