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"I'm making 10k+/month!"

Watch Coach Nick's story below (Founder of Nick Aldiero Basketball)


He signed 4 clients in 48 hours totaling $19,500!

"The results have been so great, I'm more organized and made way more money!"

Watch Sam Fishers story (Founder of Throw to Win)


$25,000-$30,000/month in revenue!

"Working with Ben changed my life"

Watch Shay's story - Owner of Alpha Girl Soccer Academy


82 clients on monthly contracts!

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5 (10k+/Months in 2020 so far)

$500/month client commitment

$0-$2,525/month in 42 days!

$3,300 upfront payment!

Sold out clinic, $1,800 day!

$6,240 for ONE client enrolled in his new 1-on-1 premium program

On his way to 20k/month!

$650/month Client for 6 Months!

Sold out 2 clinics in a row!

$1,875 Upfront Payment!

3 Groups at $800 month

$2,400/month training 3 hours per week!

Signed his first ever 12 month client!

$400/month for 4 month commitment

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*Our program is only taking on 35-50 more coaches in 2021 and we will be shutting it down. Spots are limited* 

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