Build My Sports Biz Referral Program

This opportunity is reserved exclusively through clients of "The Inner-Circle Sports Business Mastermind: (Click here to Join)

Perks of the affiliate program:

- Refer 1 coach into our annual membership and you'll receive 50% off of your monthly or annual membership

- Refer 2 coaches into our annual membership and you'll receive 1 year of FREE access to the ICSB Mastermind program 

- Refer 3 or more coaches who commit to the annual ICSB Mastermind (You'll earn $500 per referral)

The more you promote, the more you make - it’s as simple as that! 

You can do this through a variety of ways:

1) Share "The Build My Sports Biz Podcast" with a coach

2) Share our YouTube channel with a coach

3) Share our daily newsletter with a coach

All you need to do to become an affiliate is become a member of the ICSB Mastermind Here:

From there, you can start promoting the program!


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