Hey Coach, I'm happy you made it to our website!

My name is Benjamin Nabers, but I go as "Coach Ben" in the training world. 

In 2009, I started my first local soccer training business called Nabers Soccer Academy.

Unfortunately (like most coaches) when I first started out, I didn't have a clue about how to start or run a business...

I was also extremely shy, lacked confidence and didn't know how to market myself...

Honestly, it was extremely frustrating. 

I never went to "business school" or had any business experience and felt like I was at a massive disadvantage from the very beginning.

Although I had some huge hurdles in my way...

I was certain about two things in at that point in my life.

1) I was passionate about helping kids get better at the sport of soccer. I loved coaching and wanted to make a lasting impact on their lives on and off the field.

2) I never wanted to have a boss. I tried working a 9-5 job, and it gave me anxiety and I never felt a sense of fulfillment. I had a true calling to coach kids on an individual level by doing it "my way".

So here I was, a guy with a dream and a whole lotta passion to help kids...but zero clue about what it takes to run a successful business. 

I quickly realized within a couple weeks...

I could be a great trainer and WANT to help kids...but if I didn't understand how to market myself and run a business...I'd be outta business very quickly. 

This is why most coaches fail initially when they attempt to start a sports training business. 

They have the passion and desire to help - but they lack the business skills to build a company that serves athletes in a year-round basis. 

Okay, moving a few months into starting out ...

I had ZERO clients!

How the heck was I going to get traction in my city?

How were parents going to find out about me?

Well, I needed to force myself outside of my comfort zone I'd been living in for the first 22 years of my life... 

I spoke to every single High School, Middle School, YMCA, and club soccer organization in my city of San Antonio, Texas. 

I did everything I could to put myself in front of athletes who I wanted to help (for free). I volunteered my time and met lot's of coaches, parents and players in my city.

Once I had a good base of contacts...

I started to ask parents and players to come join my program (FREE) for a month. 

Again, I wasn't getting paid - my goal was to build concrete relationships with people and prove results before they paid anything. 

When I finally mustered up the courage...I started to charge $15 for 90 minute private 1-on-1 training sessions. 

Within a couple weeks (because I had a large base of people I've built relationships with) I had around 15 clients who were paying me cash or checks at my sessions. 

On average, my clients were coming 2x per I was at the field for over 30 hours per week. 

That's not counting the time preparing for the sessions, driving etc..

Initially, I was SO happy that everything was working out...

...And then a month later I realized a fundamental problem.

I would achieving great results with my players, but I'd be dead tired at the end of every week...with zero energy.

Of course I was happy to be training players and making money at the same time...

...But my business model was not SCALABLE...

...and my business model wouldn't allow me to spend time outside of my business to actually enjoy life.

I was working like a dog.


Lot's of parent's wouldn't show up to pay at our sessions or they would "pay me next week"...

I was a young guy and definitely got run over by parents...they knew I would be too nice even if they didn't have money to pay for our sessions. 

So pretty quickly, I went from being on the TOP of the world to having clients...

...To becoming very frustrated and annoyed with how the business was running. 

Instead of quitting or getting down, I slowly started to make changes that would forever impact my business. 

Instead of charging clients "by the session" like 99% of sports trainers - I moved to a monthly subscription and created memberships.

Not only did I make that change, but I made the radical decision to only train the ideal clients. I set the standard of WHO I wanted to train.

I dug down deep to understand:

"WHO" is my ideal clients?

Once I narrowed my audience:

My marketing improved, my bank account improved, and most business became stress free...and actually FUN. 

That's the whole point of running your own business, right?

So here's what happened...over the next couple years - I started to dial in my marketing even more...and improve my business systems. 

In 2009, we had zero active paying clients and I was doing sessions at people's houses, random parks and fields all across the city.

Since 2009, our business has served over 6,500 players through private training, group training and camps...and we've helped over 5 million players worldwide on YouTube through our online company (OnlineSoccerSkills.Com)

The reason WHY we've been able to reach more players is because HOW the business is setup. 

I've spent years in the trenches with my own business.

I've already been through all the up's and down's than any trainer you've ever met.

I've faced every problem head on...and overcame each obstacle. 

Once I started to see success, other's started to notice. 

So in 2014, soccer trainers all over the country started to reach out to me to learn how they could copy and duplicate my "system" into their city. 

I gladly shared my ideas with coaches, because I didn't want to see other coaches go through the same struggles I had at the beginning...

and eventually later that year I started the #1 business development resource for soccer trainers called SoccerEntrepreneur.Com

Since starting SoccerEntrepreneur.Com - we've helped 100's of coaches worldwide who have quit their 9-5 jobs to start successful soccer companies...

...and honestly, it's the #1 thing I'm proud of at this point of my career. It brings me great joy helping others succeed.

The last three years we've seen more and more coaches from other sports who have reached out to us about "how to start a private sports training business". 

1000's of coaches have subscribed to our YouTube channel, our Instagram page, our podcast and email newsletter. 

Coaches who are in the following industries:

Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Volleyball, Track and Field, Pickleball, Wrestling, Softball, Swimming, Golf, Tennis, and Pickleball.

Here's the great news for you... 

Our system of starting, growing and scaling a business applies to every sport you can possibly think of.

We've already proven results with coaches in every sport!

This is NOT some cookie cutter system where you just watch a couple videos online with some cute P.D.F downloads...and then your off to do everything yourself.

I don't roll that way. 

I personally ALL-IN with coaches who I help, and my job is to make sure you are successful, period.

We do this through our intensive 1-on-1 Consulting program or our Inner-Circle Mastermind Program

My goal is to bring clarity to your business in every you can become the authority in your city while building the business around your lifestyle.

I'm here because I want to help coaches become the most sought after experts in their cities. 

I'm NOT here to help coaches "make a quick buck" or build a "side hustle".

I have zero ambition to help those with that mindset. 

I'm here to help YOU build a REAL and lasting business that is based around helping athletes in your industry...

...and let's be honest, business is a sport. 

Knowing this, I want to help you absolutely CRUSH your competitors!

So with that being said...

You are here with me right now at BuildMySportsBiz.Com (the #1 resource for coaches who want to have a successful sports training business)

If you've made it this far...there's one action step I'd like you to take. 

I want to get to know who you are and what you need help with. 

Clearly, you're here for a reason - and I want to extend my help to you right now. 

I'd love to setup a 10-15 minute phone call with you to see how we can help.

Go here to learn how to work with me personally

Coach, I really appreciate you taking the time to read this...

If you know you're serious about starting or scaling your sports business...I highly recommend clicking that link above so we can chat 1-on-1.

Chat soon,

Coach Ben




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