The Coach Who Went After a Dream

case study success May 15, 2018

It was a couple summers ago…I got a call from Coach Mackenzie.

At the time, she had no clients, no website, no nada…


She had the dream and desire to help kids in her town within the sport of soccer.

Whether you coach soccer or a different sport, you’ll want to keep reading…

So when we were on the phone…I could tell instantly that she just needed to get the ball rolling. She had a bunch of ideas…but needed clarity on what to do and how to get started…

She needed to hear from someone else who has successfully started and scaled a business.

That’s where I came in.

I sent Mackenzie this book (that I just updated last week along with videos) to help her get started.

After a few phone calls, I helped guide her in the right direction with what the steps she needed to take.

Let’s just say…Coach Mackenzie is an action taker.

She followed immediately and laid the foundation to her business...

and very quickly....

She has grown her training into a full-time business.

She actually has her own facility and is rocking’ and rollin’ right now.

This goes to show you - when you are relentless going after you want…you’ll eventually get to your goal too...

Super Proud of her,


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