30 Day Challenge For Your Business

Uncategorized Apr 17, 2018

Hey Coach, today - I’m laying a 30 day challenge for you.

It’s something I still do to this day, and I think you will get a lot of benefit from this.

So here’s what it is:

Over the next 30 days - I want you to connect with 3 people in your local town that have influence over parents or kids.

This could be an email, FB message, Insta message, phone call or take someone to lunch.

The point I want to drive home here - is start making connections with people of influence. 

Here’s 4 reasons why I want you to do this:

1) If you take action - you will get in front of 90 people who will know, like and trust you. Those 90 people (if they have influence over parents and kids) will open the doors to so many connections in your city…. = more clients for you

2) Doing this exercise will give you more self-confidence with what you are doing. I don’t care how shy or confident you are - this will make you ultra-confident within 30 days.

3) Your communication skills will vastly improve. When I started my business, I sucked at speaking to parents or prospects. I would talk quietly and I always felt awkward speaking to parents…and it was extremely uncomfortable. Doing this exercise really helped me get outside of my comfort zone which allowed me to train over 5,000 kids within the last decade.

4) If you are good at speaking - you can sell, and you will WANT to sell. If you are bad at speaking, and aren’t willing to get better - you will never have a successful business, period.

So over the next 30 days, I want you to track the amount of people you speak to (keep a spreadsheet so you are organized) and you will see a BIG improvement in your biz.

That’s all for today…I’m opening up a few spots this Saturday (tomorrow afternoon) to speak to coaches who have shown interest in our mastermind.

You can apply for a phone call here


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