I thought Parent's ripped me off (but it was actually me)

payments systems May 01, 2018

This is hard to share publicly…but if you take this message to heart, it will help you.

In 2010, I was making around $1700/month with my private training business.

I ran my company (like most people do these days) accepting cash or checks.

I was a single dude who had very little bills to pay…and I’m a very frugal person with money so $1700 was a lot of money to me that I was making.

The problem happened on June 4th, I’ll never forget that day.

Mr. Kelly forgot to pay me for the month of training at our session. I told him:

“Oh, you can just bring it next week Mr. Kelly”

Mr. Kelly drove off in his range rover…and that was the last time I saw him.

He owed me $400.

The next week on a Friday I ran into another problem.

I had a H.S. group of girls I was training - and I allowed all of the parents to “pay by the session”

I had 12 girls signed up.

On day 1 (12 showed up, but only 2 parents paid)

The next session we had, only 2 parents showed up (the ones who paid)

This time I lost over $2,000 that I was expecting over the next 8 weeks.

Then in July, I ran into an even bigger problem.

On July 1st, 10 parents called me notifying me they would be gone for July 4th break.

I said, “no problem, we will pick up with training when you guys get back!”

Only 1 returned back into my program.

I felt like quitting my business because I didn’t know how to get paid. It was very frustrating.

Parents were taking advantage of me…but at the end of the day, it was my fault for setting up my business the way it was setup.

Fast forward to today, I only accept families who are committed to my 6 or 12 month program.

I sell one time, and our bulletproof system collects the $ on auto-pilot.

I never talk about money or “pay me later” with my clients. My entire business is streamlined.

This is a FUNDAMENTAL problem I know 90% of coaches are struggling with right now…

If that’s you - and you want to run your business smoothly the way I do, you’ll want to get on a quick call with me this week so I can walk you through what changes you need to make.

I got a pretty busy week so my time is limited, but if you wanna chat, respond to this email ASAP and we can coordinate a 10-15 minute call together.


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