Creating Your Own News Network

Uncategorized Apr 24, 2018

Every Friday, I take out my phone or my computer and go LIVE on Facebook. 

If you told me I'd be shooting live videos a couple years ago I would've laughed in your face and say:


Here's the deal...each coach out there has the ability to share what they know with their local or worldwide community. 

The internet brings people closer together...You can use it to your advantage. 

20 years ago you would've had to pay thousands of dollars for ads and the chance of getting on television would be very slim...especially for a guy like me who is introverted. 

So now we live in the era where you can create your own media. I recommend to all the coaches in our mastermind that they start going LIVE more on Facebook or Instagram with short 3-5 minute videos that go into detail about subjects that are appealing to parents. 

All you need is your phone or computer to pull this off...the best part about it...

It's 100% FREE to use (how cool is that)

You can watch me LIVE every Friday in the mornings on my Facebook Page here where I answer questions I see in my email inbox from coaches throughout the week. 

Go here to checkout my Facebook page. 

So here's your homework assignment. 

Go LIVE this week on Facebook, make a short video. Get it done and start engaging with your community there. 

They will respect you and see you as the authority - trust me (this is a good business move you should take advantage of immediately).


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