Work with Ben!

Below, you'll see a variety of options to get Ben's direct help with your training business!

*If you have any questions before registering for the 1-1 consulting opportunities, reach out to Ben personally by texting him at (210) 960-5771‬

1-on-1 Consulting Options

60 Minute Breakthrough Coaching Sessions

Want 1-1 help but don't want to commit to a long-term program? Included is 1 (60 minute) recorded phone call where Ben will layout the exact action steps for your specific needs.

$800 - Secure Your Spot Here

30 Day Extensive Coaching Program

Our 30 Day Program is for coaches who want 4 Recorded (1on1) 60 minute calls throughout 4 weeks + Personal coaching/mentorship. You'll also have access to Ben's private FB group.

$2,500 - Secure Your Spot Here

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