Terms and Conditions 

Our terms and conditions stated on this page protects the integrity of the customers who do business with Coach Ben and www.buildmysportsbiz.com.

By purchasing any/all of our products online through our safe and secure checkout system, you agree to the following conditions. There is a checkbox to confirm that you do agree to the terms on this page. If you do not agree with our terms - please do not become a customer.

1) We offer no refunds under any circumstances

By purchasing any of our books, online digital training programs, 1-on-1 consulting or the 12 month mastermind group, you agree to our policy. 

We do not offer refunds because of the proven results that 1000's of coaches have already achieved worldwide. If you are considering purchasing a program, book or consulting (any offer from YouTube, Instagram, Emails, or over the phone) and you are the type of person who wants a refund (and not willing to do the work) - we can not help you and we will not help you.

To clarify, when you become a customer, we expect you to take action on the advice given. On every checkout page - we have a customer service email that you can email anytime if you have questions before you purchase. We can even get on the phone with you personally to answer your questions about specific programs before purchasing. We do this so our customers are crystal clear on what they are investing in.

Again, we have a no refund policy. We also do not offer "30 day money back guarantees or test trials" of any program. 

All sales are final.

2. Consulting or Mastermind Programs

Our consulting and mastermind programs have a 12 month minimum agreement. This is established over the phone during the application process with Coach Ben or a sales team member. This means you are committed for 12 months. If you can not commit yourself to the program, do not join the program.

3. Consulting or Mastermind Payment Agreement

By registering for our consulting programs, it is understood that every 30 days you will be billed by our safe and secure checkout system provided by SamCart.Com. If you for some reason have a failed credit card or debit payment, our system will automatically email you to collect the funds due that day. 

If you choose to cancel your membership after the 12 months, please notify Ben 21 days before the final billing cycle to stop any future payments after the 12 months. 

If you wish to cancel the agreement within the 12 months before the commitment is completed, there is an $800 penalty that must be paid within 5 business days of stopping the program. To clarify, if you choose to stop the consulting program before the 12 months is complete - you have the option of paying $800 to stop the program immediately to remove yourself from the program. By removing yourself from the program, you will forfeit access to Ben on Voxer and all of the membership material that is reserved for consulting or mastermind clients. 

If you do not agree with our terms - do not become a customer. If you have questions about the terms, please contact Ben directly at the support email below:

4. Earnings Disclaimer

There are no guarantees to your success. Results vary depending on the amount of action you take. Our video interviews that show customers success does not mean everyone will become successful. Our clients who have achieved massive success have taken action on the results within our programs. To clarify, your results are up to you. We provide the road-map, your desire and your effort will determine your own outcome.

Our customer Support Team:

Email us anytime: [email protected]

Call our office anytime: (210) 960-5771

Hours Available:

9am-5pm Monday through Friday

(We are Closed on Saturday's and Sunday's and on all major Holidays)




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