The Partner Rewards Program

with Ben Nabers 


Who is the partner rewards program for?

To apply for the partner rewards program, you must be a coach/trainer within the training industry. Preferably, you are either a current member or past graduate of Ben's "Inner-Circle Mastermind" or "The Boardroom Mastermind Program".

If you are not a current customer, but are interested in becoming an affiliate, please reach out to us at [email protected] with the subject line "Affiliate." Tell us WHO you are and WHY you want to become a partner. Include your primary phone number so our team can reach out to you within the next 72 hours. 


How the partner rewards program works?

It's very simple. When you refer friends/coaches in the coaching industry to join our consulting programs, we will pay you.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Invite a friend to join our consulting programs. We will setup a customized page for you that will track everything.
  2. If your friend signs up you'll earn $200 - $500 cash each time a friend signs up (depending on the program they enroll with). We will send the money directly to you via paypal 30 days after the payment has been processed.


Plus, you'll receive these special bonuses once you reach these milestones!

  • Gold Level: You'll receive an extra $500 bonus after referring your first 10 friends. 
  • Diamond Level: You'll receive an extra $2,000 bonus after referring your first 20 friends.
  • Super Affiliate Bonus: Your choice! You'll receive an extra $10,000 bonus after referring your first 50 friends OR receive a FREE 1-1 workshop with Ben in Texas (All meals, Flight and Five Star Hotel included)

*Bonuses are given to coaches who can achieve the milestones within a 12 month cycle*

*Payouts occur 30 days after the first transaction*


Rules of becoming a partner:

1. You agree to our "no spam" policy.

2. You agree to ONLY refer friends/coaches who are a good fit for our program (people who follow through and want results)

3. You agree to represent with integrity


Ready to become a partner?

Cool, to apply - simply tap this linke below and our Partner Rewards Team will verify your information with Ben.


From there, I will show you the next steps to take within a 72 hour period. 


Our Partner Program is RESERVED ONLY for serious, ambitious coaches who truly want to help more coaches worldwide. 

- Ben


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