BECOME AN OFFICIAL SPONSOR of Make Money Coaching Sports

Do You Want To Sell Your Product/Service To More Sports Trainers?

We love partnering with companies that can solve problems for our clients and our subscriber base. We'd love to feature you in front of 1000's of coaches/trainers/business owners all over the world.

Who we partner with?

Info-Products, Software companies, Equipment companies, Nutrition companies and anyone who sells a product/service for independent sports training businesses.

Where we feature you?

YouTube, daily newsletter, podcast, blog, instagram. We have built the largest audience on the planet for "how to start/grow a sports business".

How it works?

We either agree to an affiliate deal (commission per sale) if you have an affiliate system in place. We also can place a custom ad on one-off videos (I.G. shoutout's/Y.T./Newsletter/Podcast) or create a 3, 6 or 12 mo (contract) to feature your brand on EVERY video!

How to Sign-Up?

It's simple - we DO receive requests DAILY and we are very picky with who we work with. To see if we are a good fit, simply send us an email at [email protected] with the subject line "SPONSORSHIP REQUEST" with an intro video about your product/service and how you see it fitting in with our brand.