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How to Attract The Perfect Clients to your training business in 6 Days or Less..

Ben's simple step by step system that will show you how to attract committed clients who invest $400-$800/month into your training program for up to 12 months. Imagine adding 15-20 new "perfect clients" that pay you recurring revenue every single month...Would that simplify your training business?

Yes, I want to get more committed clients!

Coach...Let me ask you 3 questions:

Do you want more clients who train with you on a consistent basis? Do you want steady income month after month? Do you want to become the highest paid trainer in your city? If so, Ben created an easy-to-follow video tutorial program that will show you exactly how to get "perfect clients", create recurring revenue, and how to double or triple your current training fees (in under 6 days)

Here's What You Get with The Perfect Client Blueprint...

Module 1: Building Your "Perfect Customer" Profile

In Module 1, Ben kicks off the video program teaching you how to create your own "perfect customer profile." Within 10 minutes, your customer profile will be created - now you can hone in ONLY on your perfect customer in the future. Gone are the days of working with clients who show up late or don't pay on time...Now it's time to work with the ideal, perfect clients who are "super-fans" of what you do (and they will end up referring their friends to your training program)

Module 2: Creating Your Perfect Offer

In Module 2, we are going to dive into what you offer. What makes your program so special and HOW you can start to command higher fees. (Hint - this doesn't matter how good of a trainer you are) I'll show you step by step how to package together your offer to sell to the right clients. Once you complete this module, you will learn how to double or triple your current prices (with actual confidence) Imagine working with 10 new "perfect clients" who invest $400-$800/month into your training program (this will work whether or not you are NEW to running your business or if you have been in business for years)

Module 3: How to Market yourself to attract "Perfect Clients"

In Module 3, Ben shows you how to market to your clients online and offline (so you have a steady stream of prospects begging to train with you). In this module you will learn how to become an authority figure in your community so more prospects are aware of your offer...this way prospects turn into real paying clients. You will get my step by step system about how to market yourself online and offline that will allow you to start attracting more "perfect clients" into your training business.

Module 4: How To Close even more Clients over the Phone

Let's face it - you could have the perfect offer with lot's of potential clients who are interested in your program...but if you aren't confident closing clients over the phone, then you will never succeed long-term. In this module, I'll show you how to speak to prospects over the phone...even if you hate selling (and I'll give you a script with questions to ask during your sales process) so you can confidently pre-qualify clients into your program (which allows you to attract perfect customers only) You will learn how to become a closer in sales...which is what 99% of coaches struggle with.

Module 5: How To Sell 6-12 Month Programs

In Module 5, You will learn how to get clients who are in your program for 6 months minimum. Gone are the days of getting paid "cash or checks" or selling "packages" having to ask your clients every couple weeks to get paid. In this module, Ben will teach you "the new way" to run your business that will guarantee your clients STAY in your program for long periods of time...Meaning you will have the peace of mind KNOWING how much money will flow into your business every month (giving you more security) Once you install this will have the perfect clients who stay and refer their friends into your program!

Module 6: How To Systemize Your Perfect Business

In Module 6, Ben will show you how to put it all together so you become extremely efficient and organized with your time. You'll learn How to setup your website or social media for success, How to properly schedule your calls with your prospects interested in training with you, How to follow up with prospects who don't immediately invest into your program, How to onboard new clients (and build referrals quickly) and how to scale your business.


What Coaches Are Saying About Working With Coach Ben...

Personal Note from Coach Ben

The Results Have Already Been Proven By Coaches We've Helped

I'm happy that you made it to this webpage today! My goal with this program is simple - I want to help you close more clients into your private training program. I want to help you create a successful business by building recurring revenue. I'm giving you my exact system that has helped me generate over 100k/year through private training in my soccer business. This system can also be applied to group training. No matter what sport you coach - this system will work for you if you are willing to put in the work. Our results speak for themselves with the 1,000+ coaches we've already helped worldwide. By giving you access to this program, I expect that you take immediate action. For just $197, I teach you how to attract and close committed clients who will be investing between $400 - $800/month for your training program for 6-12 months. If worst case scenario you got just 1 client after using my system who commits...and that client signs up for your 6 month program at $400/month. You would generate $2,400 for your business with just one client... Pretty fair trade off for a small $197 investment if you ask me. On top of that, you'll have this system integrated into your business for the future. Now that you understand everything about this program...when you are ready to commit - scroll below to register!

If you have any last second questions - text me personally at (210) 960-5771 and I can answer any questions BEFORE you purchase.

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Terms and Conditions

Before you purchase any product of ours - please note that we have a no-refund policy. If you are the type of person who is thinking about getting a refund before you purchase - do not buy our programs. This program works if you put it to work. Like anything in life, if you implement the plan - you will see results. If you do nothing with the advice Ben gives, nothing will change. After you complete the program, you'll also get a free complimentary call with Ben so he can answer any of your questions. By purchasing our programs - you agree to the terms and conditions stated on the checkout page. Again, we do not offer refunds for any case for this specific program. We only do business with coaches who take action.


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