1-on-1 Workshop in Texas (Business Coaching)

business coaching business workshops sports business Jun 28, 2021

Hey coach!

Today, I have something really exciting that I want to share with you. 

This is a unique opportunity and it's only open to ONE coach who is serious about growing and scaling their business. 

Every year I look to run 1on1 workshops with coaches here in Texas where we go through your business and I show you strategies and tactics that you can take away with you and implement immediately into your business. 

I haven't been able to run these for a while due to travel restrictions but now I finally have it opened!

I'm currently offering a 50% discount to the first serious coach who registers. 

I miss working with talking coaches one on one and if you want to jump on this opportunity I have one spot left.

If you have any interest in meeting with me one-on-one I want you to reach out to me via the link below:

1on-1 Workshop in Texas!

I look forward to hearing from you coach!


- Ben 


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