How To Provide More Value In Your Personal Training Business

Uncategorized Apr 22, 2021

Today I want to show you how to get hundreds of clients into your program and the way i'm going to do that is by telling you one word. This word really changed my whole mindset with my training business and that word is VALUE.  

I know VALUE is a word a lot of people on YouTube talk about and that is because this word is what most of your future clients will be looking for before they join your program. 

When you have the program with the most value in your city you will be able to dominate your local market and when your program is the most dominant for kids your clients will get great results with you which means you'll be able to charge more for your services.  

I used the concept of adding value to build my own training business in my city which helped me to reach thousands of families and work with hundreds of kids. When I realised that I couldn't just depend on marketing all the time I started changing my business model around which allowed me to attract more committed clients into my program.  

Questions to ask yourself are: 

- Why is my program valuable? 

- What's in it for parents?

- Is my program better than everyone else or the same? 

-What do I have to do to make it better to make sure I am delivering results? 

When you figure out the value part to your business you will expect your business to grow expediently faster than before. This is why I focus all my time and energy with my training business on two things - 

1. Giving extraordinary value.

2. Guaranteeing results with clients. 

When you don't have committed clients you cannot guarantee results. For instance, if you're a coach who signs clients up for a block of ten sessions then you will only see your clients once every two weeks - you need to be seeing your clients on a regular basis this way they are consistent and committed to your program. 

All day long you could take any player no matter their skill level and if they're in your program for 12 months you're gonna get results if they're doing everything that they're supposed to be doing with your program. 

When you have this value set up the way I'm talking about it makes your program so much easier to sell and when it's easier to sell you're going to make more money and you're going to be able to help more kids. 

If you're a coach/trainer who is only thinking about making a quick buck then I can assure you won't be in business for very long as your clients will see straight through you. Instead you have to give clients more than what their paying and aim to reach high value levels with each one of them. 

I hope this helps, 


- Ben




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