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How to Eliminate Your Competition With Your Training Business

business competition Apr 10, 2018

My name is Benjamin Nabers and I’m a soccer entrepreneur.

When I was first starting out on my entrepreneurial journey…

I cared a lot about what my competition was doing.

In fact, I’d say I was pretty obsessive about it…

Every day for about 1 year I studied my competitors websites, prices and marketing material.

It was the quickest way I was going to learn.

I would try to copy and model everything that my competitors did.

It worked well, very well…

…and it gave me a great foundation to start, but I soon realized that I was becoming them, not me.

Here’s the deal.

Modeling success is important.


Being someone else is not fulfilling.

You will constantly be comparing yourself to the next person/business.

It isn’t fun.

It made me ask myself a very important question…

“How was I going to separate myself from the pack & how can I be different”?

Instead of continuing down the path of “doing what other people...

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