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The Guru's You See Are Wrong

gurus time management May 08, 2018

I see instagram and Facebook posts all the time stating:

“You’re not working enough”

“You have to Work 60 hours a week”

“You gotta sacrifice everything to become successful”

My opinion on this subject is radically different.

Why would you want to sacrifice time with family and friends just to work all day.

I get the message though - because I LOVE to work, but I know when it’s time to shut it down each day now.

Here’s what you won’t see me do:

You won’t see me grinding at the fields every week training players.

You won’t see me working through the night to finish up my next project.

I’ve realized over the last 10 years…time is very important.

You can waste time throughout the day doing things that don’t improve your business.


You can spend a couple of focused hours per day moving your business forward 10x.

I’ve seen this personally not only in my own business, but also with the...

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