I thought Parent's ripped me off (but it was actually me)

This is hard to share publicly…but if you take this message to heart, it will help you.

In 2010, I was making around $1700/month with my private training business.

I ran my company (like most people do these days) accepting cash or checks.

I was a single dude who had very little bills to pay…and I’m a very frugal person with money so $1700 was a lot of money to me that I was making.

The problem happened on June 4th, I’ll never forget that day.

Mr. Kelly forgot to pay me for the month of training at our session. I told him:

“Oh, you can just bring it next week Mr. Kelly”

Mr. Kelly drove off in his range rover…and that was the last time I saw him.

He owed me $400.

The next week on a Friday I ran into another problem.

I had a H.S. group of girls I was training - and I allowed all of the parents to “pay by the session”

I had 12 girls signed up.

On day 1 (12 showed up, but only 2 parents paid)

The next session we had, only 2...

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