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Instant access to EVERY program inside of buildmysportsbiz.com (shown in the video above)

The Starters Program - Learn how to properly start and launch your business with the right foundations (Normally $195)

The Perfect Client Blueprint - Build the ideal client who commits to 6-12 months of training with you (includes phone script that is responsible for helping coaches close over 5 Million Dollars of recurring revenue in 2020 alone) (Previously sold for $800)

Designing and Completing the Payment Machine - how to setup a recurring payment machine with your clients (step by step) (Previously sold for $500)

Big Money Camps - How to sell out EVERY camp and clinic in the future (Normally $495)

44 Ways to Get New Clients - Proven and Efficient strategies to grow your client base. These methods have helped several of my clients go from 0-6 figures per year. (Normally $995)

Financial Discipline with Ann Nabers - How to stay organized with your finances and how to legally write off business expenses (Previously sold for $195)

Contract Sample (to use with your clients) - The exact contract I use with customers to ensure they are committed to a long-term training program. Simply watch the video, then copy/paste/tweak the contract to use for yourself. ($2,000 Value)

Client Management System - Properly manage all of your clients (this will save you at least 200 hours per year) AND will keep you 1000x more organized as a business owner (Previously sold for $195)

Leads to Customers - How to take any lead from (email, FB, IG, text) and turn them into a client with our step by step system (that puts YOU in full control) ($195 value)

Follow Up Scripts - Exactly what to say to prospects to re-engage them back into your program (and how to get old clients to start training with you again) ($495 Value)

Scaling with Group Training - How to transition from 1-1 training into groups (and why it's more scalable) ($195 value)

Build Content FAST - How to create a content machine in less than 2 hours per month (this is the secret sauce that will help you DOMINATE competitors online) ($295 Value)

The Social Media Blueprint - 100+ copy paste ideas you can use (to draw in clients from social media) - the exact online strategy I've used to build 4 businesses personally. ($495 Value)

The Hybrid Coaching System - Create your online community for PARENTS, and KIDS you train. Streamline 100% of the communication online with scheduling, questions, customer support. This alone will save you so much time PLUS it will completely separate what YOU DO vs any local competitor ($5,000 Value)

Game Evaluations Template - How to manage the progress of your clients during the season (Parents LOVE this) because it holds their child to become more ($295 Value)

*Also, with your membership you get every UPDATE to current programs PLUS access to the newest programs we create (as long as you remain a member)

FAST ACTION BONUS: Every 6 Months, we schedule ONE (1-on-1) 30 minute Zoom coaching call together. (Normally $500)

Total Current Value: $11,045

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