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We're coaches, not tech nerds...

I'll show you the exact system I use that is responsible for running my entire training company!

If you want to run your business at a high level, you'll need a seamless online system for billing and collecting money on autopilot...and it needs to be EASY to use!

This way you have a predictable way of making money doing what you love month after month!

With that being said - I've searched far and wide over the last 10 years for "the best solution" for my business needs. 

I've literally tried every payment processing system you could imagine - and I've only stuck with one system over the last 3 years - because this one works flawlessly!

Not only do I use it, but most of my consulting clients here in our mastermind run their entire business with SamCart!

Here it is...Get a 14 Day Free Trial To Samcart Here

Here's 10 reasons why I use it and why you should too:

1) It creates professional online checkout pages that work on desktop and mobile. These pages will instantly show your customers that you are a serious trainer and it will separate your from your competitors. Samcart gives a good first impression to your customers and it makes it easy for them to signup (meaning you'll convert more prospects into customers).

2) It's simple and easy to use. When I login, it literally takes 2 minutes to create a checkout form. There is no coding or complicated software to deal with. You set the price, you choose your template and Samcart does the rest for you. It's simple - I've yet to see anyone I've referred have trouble getting their pages up and going within 5 minutes. 

3. It creates predictable recurring revenue. In seconds, you can create a checkout form that bills your clients every 30 days. No more asking for checks or cash - no more asking for money. Once your customer signs up, they will now be on your recurring payment plan that YOU set (every month, every quarter, every year.) 

4. You can create as many forms as you want. Let's say you do private training, group training, camps or clinics. Perhaps you have a staff of 10 coaches...You can customize each form based on what you are offering and you can duplicate forms with one click... this allows you to run your business with SPEED.

5. Samcart keeps you organized. When you login to the dashboard, you will see everything: how much revenue is coming in daily, who your customers are, what your expected recurring revenue is over the next 30 days, and how many visits you have to your pages. This way, you can follow up with prospects who haven't bought yet. This allows you to understand the pulse of your entire business on a daily basis within 3 minutes.

6. Free trials and trial memberships - Let's say you wanted to do a FREE 7 or 14 day trial to your program. Samcart allows you to create free trial checkout pages where customers enter their credit card info and on the 7th or 14th day (if they enjoy your free trial) they will automatically become a member. Imagine running a promotion once a month to a free trial - just think about how that one feature can explode your business in the next 30 days. 

7. The ability to sell digital products. Maybe you want to write an ebook or sell a video series to your customers that they can use at home when they aren't training with you. Samcart allows you to setup the entire process with digital downloads or by redirecting customers to a page that features your content once they register for your online program. This gives you the ability to sell a digital product 24/7/365 (make money in your sleep.)

8. Offering Upsells to your customers. Let's say you are running a camp for $50. You send your email list or Facebook audience to a Samcart checkout page. Once they complete the registration process, Samcart gives you the option to offer an upsell. This means you can offer your customers a secondary product or service, and with one click of a button they can buy the upsell or decline it. Let's say over the course of 12 months you had 100 customers attending the camps you run. Ten percent of those customers buy an upsell offer into your $100 per month group. That's 10 customers per month paying $100 extra. This would generate an extra $1000 each month, meaning you would earn an extra $12,000 in a year merely by offering just 1 upsell. Imagine having 8-10 upsells. This same concept applies to private training/group training/t-shirts/digital training/anything you offer.

9. Protecting your business - whenever customers register online on Samcart, you have the ability to feature your terms and conditions on your checkout page. This means that your customers will abide by the rules you set. Most trainers do not have this business system in place (which means that their customers are in control, rather than the coach.) This is a very important feature that is included with Samcart.

10. When I invest into anything I ask myself: will this save me time, and will it make me more money? Samcart does both... I can create any checkout form within 2 minutes, text or email the checkout page to a customer and have them signup within minutes. You'll make more money and have predictable income with the recurring revenue feature. It's the best feeling in the world knowing that your business is expecting to generate more money each month. Samcart does the heavy lifting for you.

All you need to do next is click the green button below to activate a FREE 14 day trial to Samcart. 

Hope this helps you out!

- Coach Ben 

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“After spending almost 10 years testing and tweaking with confusing and frustrating software for my own business...I finally found the EASIEST and best ways to simplify my entire business. Having Samcart will save you time and make you more money. This is the exact resource I use to build professional payment pages that convert prospects into clients. This is what my top coaching clients in my consulting program use to run their own 10k+ businesses”
Coach Ben

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