Ben's Favorite Business Resources

If you want to run your business at a high level, you'll need a seamless online system for marketing, billing and collecting money on autopilot...and it needs to be EASY to use!

This way you have a predictable way of making money doing what you love month after month!

With that being said - I've searched far and wide over the last 10 years for "the best solutions" for my business needs. Here's the exact systems that I use.



The Best Online Payment Registration Process - SamCart

Here's where you'll be able to completely streamline your business with online recurring payments. This works perfect for private training, camps and clinics...the best part is that when you click the link below, you'll be granted access to a FREE 14 day trial! I've personally used Samcart the last 5 years within my training business and it's a game-changer!

Click Here to Get a FREE 14 Day Trial to Samcart



The Best Website and Email Marketing Solution

Over the last 5 years, I've relied on using Kajabi. Kajabi is the ALL-IN-ONE resource for your website and landing pages and email marketing. Take a look for yourself at the businesses I run by using Kajabi here:

As you'll see. Each page is professional and simple for the user. 

Using Kajabi will streamline your marketing and separate what you offer from any competitor online. Also, it will give you the ability to create online courses for your clients (which add 10x value to your program)

CLICK HERE TO GET A FREE 14 Day Trial of Kajabi



The Best Online Meetings Solution

If you are looking to coach clients globally (or host an online conference call with all of your clients) you'll want to use ZOOM - this is the exact system I've used the past 5 years. You'll want to choose the "Pro Version" to start streamlining your training worldwide.

Click Here To Get Zoom



The Partner Rewards Program with Ben Nabers

Want to join our exclusive partner rewards program? Here's where you will partner with Ben Nabers and will receive commissions for spreading the word about our programs and products. Earn between $200-$500 per referral who commits to one of our consulting programs. Also earn $25 for our "Start-Up Sports Academy Ebook and Video Series" that you sell. This is ideal for you if you have connections with coaches within the industry and are wanting to promote a quality product to earn a side income.





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