How UNC Women's Soccer Camp Generates $500k Every Summer

camps ncaa summer camps unc Feb 16, 2021

Hey coach, welcome back to our new blog. 

Today, I'm going to be talking about the UNC Women's Soccer Camps and why they are so successful. 

Over the last couple of years I've had many coaches from different sports reach out to me about starting and running sports camps as an extra revenue source for their business. 

If you live in the United States then you should know that UNC run these huge soccer camps every summer. 

I want to say that these soccer camps are probably one of the biggest in the United States. 


I'm going to talk about ways how you can implement similar types of camps into your business and I think this will be very beneficial for you. 


One thing I love about UNC is their attention to detail. For example, when you visit their website they have everything very detailed for parents who are interested in registering their child. 

  1. There is a schedule to show parents what dates and times the camps are at. 
  2. They offer camps for players of all positions such as GK's and outfield players to even a Futsal academy. 
  3. They have camps for all different age groups in a many states. 

These THREE things above are some very simple and very basic things that I see most coaches NOT do. 


When you strive to create a top sought after program like UNC in your city, this will attract tons of parents and kids who live not only locally but NATIONWIDE!

To become a top program you must do the basics right first. 

  • You must have a clear and easy to use website for parents to register their kids onto your camps. 
  • You must include a clear and very detailed FREQUENTLY ASKED questions page on your website so all parent objections can be killed without them even coming to you. 
  • You must offer an exceptional service to your athletes and include value in your offer. 

When you do the basics and add high levels of value to your camps you will be able to charge way more than your competitors in your city and you will attract way more serious and committed clients. 

So, if you're reading this and you're either a college coach or a coach from another sport and you want to put together high-end camps like UNC I want you to schedule a 15-min call with me. 

I have worked with a couple of sports coaches already throughout the United States who are charging between $300-800 per camper. If you want to learn more shoot me a text at (210) 960-5771.  

Speak soon, 



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