How Moy Made an extra $3,200 with Baseball Clinics!

baseball camps clinics Mar 19, 2021

Hey coach, 

Welcome back to a new blog post!

Today, as I write this post it's March 19th 2021 and it's been awesome to see some of the results we have been getting with the coaches in our CONSULTING PROGRAM. 

I want to focus on the results I have gotten with a Baseball trainer that lives in Oklahoma and is in my 1-1 CONSULTING PROGRAM. 

Coach Moy is looking to take his Baseball business nationwide by setting up more camps and clinics for baseball players all around the US.

Moy is currently a very busy 1-1 trainer and we are working with him to change his business model to offer more group training that will help his program to scale.

The way Coach Moy has set his camps and clinics is through a very step-by-step strategic plan and I will tell you that if you want to model this into your own business you must be willing to take action and follow through on what I'm about to share with you. 

Talking to parents over the phone -

If you want to get HUGE results and...

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How to get current clients to pay you more money every month

camps clients clinics Mar 03, 2021

Hey coach, 

I want to give you a tactic today that I feel will really help you with your coaching business. 

I want you to focus on speaking to more of your current customers and give them more
opportunities to work with you.

Here are TWO ways I want you to approach this: 


If you're doing any sort of private one-on-one training with any of your clients I want you to ask them if they would want to step into a group session.

If they say yes, I want you to invite them to do that once a month and upgrade them into your group training program. By just simply asking the parent if they would like to do this, you could increase your monthly income in your business. 


I want you to take anyone who is currently in your program and who is currently paying you already to move them into either your camp or clinics membership this way they get more of your...

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How To Ramp Up Your Camp and Clinic Registrations

camps clinics registrations Mar 01, 2021

Hey coach, 

If you're struggling to sell out your camps and clinics I want you to read very carefully. 

I want to show you a very simple THREE step process that will help you to sell out all your sports camps and clinics. 


I want you to create a very detailed and very organized registration page. This page needs to look very professional as this is the page where you're going to direct parents to enroll onto your camp or clinic. 

I want you to collect the parents name, email address and any information about their child. 


Once the parent signs up you'll now have all their details such as contact number. 

After they have enrolled into your camp or clinic I want you to text the parent and schedule a call with them. 


On these calls I want you to thank the parent for enrolling onto the program and say to the parent how...

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The Path to Making 100k/Year with Sports Camps

business camps clients Feb 17, 2021

Hey what's up coach welcome back to our blog!

Today, as I write this blog for you I have my notepad and pen next to me because I want to share with you the blueprint to making $100k in your business by running sports camps. 

Before you read on further I want to be really honest with you. If you don't have any clients yet in your sports coaching business then this blog isn't going to apply to you. 

If you're reading this and you're looking to start a sports coaching business in 2021 then my START UP PROGRAM will be a great resource for you. 

Now, I've seen multiple sports coaches that we've helped over the last two weeks in our Boardroom Consulting Mastermind make thousands of dollars in their business by simply running sports camps.

Even during this pandemic one of our clients made $20k profit in his American football training business!

So, what I'm telling you here will definitely work in your business and it will work a lot better if you're experienced in business...

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How UNC Women's Soccer Camp Generates $500k Every Summer

camps ncaa summer camps unc Feb 16, 2021

Hey coach, welcome back to our new blog. 

Today, I'm going to be talking about the UNC Women's Soccer Camps and why they are so successful. 

Over the last couple of years I've had many coaches from different sports reach out to me about starting and running sports camps as an extra revenue source for their business. 

If you live in the United States then you should know that UNC run these huge soccer camps every summer. 

I want to say that these soccer camps are probably one of the biggest in the United States. 


I'm going to talk about ways how you can implement similar types of camps into your business and I think this will be very beneficial for you. 


One thing I love about UNC is their attention to detail. For example, when you visit their website they have everything very detailed for parents who are interested in registering their...

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Every NCAA Athlete Should Run Their Own Sports Camps

I want to specifically talk to you if you're a college-athlete.

Have you ever wondered how much money your college coach makes per camp they run? 

Maybe while you're reading this your college coach is stacking lots of cash right now by running a camp at your school. 

I don't want you to take this personally because trust me I was in your shoes before. 

I remember running these HUGE camps during the summer for my college coach. 

He was really smart, he'd hire his own student-athletes to run these camps every summer and essentially pay them a very small amount per hour while he profited all the rest! 

Before COVID and over the last 20 years, the biggest colleges and universities in the United States have all operated this way, they'll all run these massive camps with hundreds of kids in every sport imaginable. 

Most of the coaches use their student-athletes to run the camps and pay them very little in exchange. These coaches in some cases would charge...

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