How to make $1,000/Hour with Basketball/Soccer/Baseball/Football/Hockey Clinics

Today, I break down what is working for my clients who are making an extra 1k/month with clinics!

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Baseball Trainer coaching 45 sessions per week and completely burned out!

Today I got a message from a coach called Enrique who lives in Seattle and is a private Baseball coach.  

He said: 

"Hey Ben, 

I'm training 45 sessions per week and I'm doing all the sessions one-on-one. By the end of the week I don't want to look at another baseball because I am just physically drained and also mentally drained!

I'm currently making good money but I do feel so exhausted. 

What can I do?"

If you're a coach or trainer reading this you may have been through the same as Enrique. I remember when I first started my business I was doing around 37 to 39 private soccer training sessions per week! (all one-on-one too). 

I was exhausted too by the end of the week so I completely understand how Enrique feels.  

But, the real problem wasn't simply the amount of sessions I was working each week but the amount of extra work I had to also do  that happens away from the field with my business. I had to make sales calls,...

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How Moy Made an extra $3,200 with Baseball Clinics!

baseball camps clinics Mar 19, 2021

Hey coach, 

Welcome back to a new blog post!

Today, as I write this post it's March 19th 2021 and it's been awesome to see some of the results we have been getting with the coaches in our CONSULTING PROGRAM. 

I want to focus on the results I have gotten with a Baseball trainer that lives in Oklahoma and is in my 1-1 CONSULTING PROGRAM. 

Coach Moy is looking to take his Baseball business nationwide by setting up more camps and clinics for baseball players all around the US.

Moy is currently a very busy 1-1 trainer and we are working with him to change his business model to offer more group training that will help his program to scale.

The way Coach Moy has set his camps and clinics is through a very step-by-step strategic plan and I will tell you that if you want to model this into your own business you must be willing to take action and follow through on what I'm about to share with you. 

Talking to parents over the phone -

If you want to get HUGE results and...

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