The Path to Making 100k/Year with Sports Camps

business camps clients Feb 17, 2021

Hey what's up coach welcome back to our blog!

Today, as I write this blog for you I have my notepad and pen next to me because I want to share with you the blueprint to making $100k in your business by running sports camps. 

Before you read on further I want to be really honest with you. If you don't have any clients yet in your sports coaching business then this blog isn't going to apply to you. 

If you're reading this and you're looking to start a sports coaching business in 2021 then my START UP PROGRAM will be a great resource for you. 

Now, I've seen multiple sports coaches that we've helped over the last two weeks in our Boardroom Consulting Mastermind make thousands of dollars in their business by simply running sports camps.

Even during this pandemic one of our clients made $20k profit in his American football training business!

So, what I'm telling you here will definitely work in your business and it will work a lot better if you're experienced in business and already have clients versus only starting up.

I believe running sports camps is the most profitable business model out there at the moment in the sports training industry and if you run them correctly using this successful model that I'm about to share with you this could drive millions of dollars into your business. 


Regardless of which type of sports camp you decide to run the first thing you have to remember is that your sports camps need to be unique and different to your competitors. 

One thing I'm seeing that is starting to become a trend in American Football, Basketball, and Baseball are competition camps.  

This type of camp could be for elite players or even for beginners it doesn't really matter the ability level.

These types of camps can generate a lot of revenue for your business and are designed to be competitive and aimed at one athlete or a group of athletes winning in a tournament-like format.

You can set this camp up to where your players play in a 3v3 or 4v4 model no matter the sport and there is a winner at the end of the camp with a trophy presentation at the end with parents of your campers.

The more unique you make these types of camps the more you can charge.  

If you need more help with this you can schedule a 15-minute call with me. 


When you market your camps I want you to set up an online page where parents can register onto your camp. 

On this page I want you to create a video where you're going to to be talking to parents about how they can register their child onto any upcoming camp or clinic and how you will be running that sports camp for free or at a discount if they share your referral code with other parents. 

I want you to develop a mindset that every single time one parent signs up for a camp, you have to remember that every parent will know at least 20 to 30 other parents that they could share that code. 

If you build this system correctly you will get more people to sign up for every camp that you run and you can let the technology take over rather than you reaching out to each parent individually. 

There are a couple moving pieces to this and if you want more help with this you can schedule a 15-minute call with me. 


If you want to run BIG sports camps that do anywhere between $2k to $20k you have to learn to bring other coaches into your business as either staff or as paid volunteers.   

I want you to look in your own niche and see what other coaches in your city are doing and see if you can partner with them to do sports camps together. 

If you can run successful camps together with other coaches this is the easiest way to start a successful sports camp business.

When you partner with other coaches in your city who have their own audience of clients and put a sports camp on together you will be able to run camps with over a hundred kids at once!  

The problem I see with most sports camps is you have to make sure that kids are getting attention. For example, if you have a hundred kids at the camp and if it's just you running the camp it will be very difficult to give every child personal attention and a valuable experience.  

I want to encourage you to set this up to where you have multiple coaches working with you and you are splitting these coaches into small groups so those kids can get more attention, and typically when you do that you can charge way more money per registrant. 

If you need more help with this you can schedule a 15-minute call with me. 


I want to encourage you to start to form relationships with other sports coaches in your niche around the country and run nationwide sports camps together.

These sports camps can be set up to where you travel to the camp. This is a great way to build more influence nationwide and if you have strong relationships with other coaches you can do that multiple times throughout the year. 

If you set this up correctly you could do it to where you're not even having to go to the camp, you could simply just send one of your assistants out there or you could just have a system down that you're teaching to other coaches which is also another business model you can implement. 

I hope this helps and in my opinion if you know that if you're wanting to grow your camps past $1k you need to do one of two different things:

1. If you want to run a sports camp multiple times per month it all comes down to scheduling. You have to know where and when you are going to run your camps and for how long they going to last for - will they be one day camps or will they be 1 hour camps. 

2. You must know your numbers. If you run 52 sports camps in a year and you average $1k per camp then you must know how many clients you will need to reach that number plus any additional expenses you will incur for running the camp. The more you understand the numbers for your business the easier the camp will run. 

If you are a coach right now and you already have experience with sports camps and you want to ramp it up what I'm doing is very simple.

I'm offering one-on-one consulting where we just hop on a phone call for an hour and I can show you how to set up these systems in your business. 

I'll catch you later,








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