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Every NCAA Athlete Should Run Their Own Sports Camps

I want to specifically talk to you if you're a college-athlete.

Have you ever wondered how much money your college coach makes per camp they run? 

Maybe while you're reading this your college coach is stacking lots of cash right now by running a camp at your school. 

I don't want you to take this personally because trust me I was in your shoes before. 

I remember running these HUGE camps during the summer for my college coach. 

He was really smart, he'd hire his own student-athletes to run these camps every summer and essentially pay them a very small amount per hour while he profited all the rest! 

Before COVID and over the last 20 years, the biggest colleges and universities in the United States have all operated this way, they'll all run these massive camps with hundreds of kids in every sport imaginable. 

Most of the coaches use their student-athletes to run the camps and pay them very little in exchange. These coaches in some cases would charge...

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