I make 8k PER MONTH in my Basketball Training Business, but feel like I'm broke!?!?

Today I want to focus on a coach who wrote into me with a question. 

This coach has a basketball training business that is doing 8K/month at the moment, yet at the end of each month he feels that he is living pay check to pay check and doesn't have enough money to save or make investments.

Today I don't want to be your financial advisor, but if you're finding that at the end of each month you don't have enough money to save or make investments, then it's probably because you are overspending on things. 

When I started my business, I made sure that I was looking at everything I was spending and where I was spending it. Although, I am not perfect I always look to perfect this part of my business so I can look after my family and have more money when I retire. 

It doesn't matter how much money you make, it matters how much of that money you are wasting. Something I always say to coaches who are in my BOARDROOM MASTERMIND PROGRAM is you must live below your means even when your income starts going up. 

You have to learn to become more disciplined with your money because when you become more disciplined you will have more money to save and more money to invest. 

I hope this helps..

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I'll see you later, 


- Ben  



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