How can I go from 4k to 10k/month in my coaching business?

Today I got a really good question from a soccer trainer who is based in Florida. His name is Tim and he wrote in and asked me: 

"Hey Ben, 

Right now my business is doing around 4K a month which I am happy with, but I want to scale to 10K now. 

What are some things that I can do to get there?" 

My answer to this question has changed a lot over the past couple of years because I have recorded a lot of videos on my YouTube channel where I talk about money and how to grow and scale a business.  

If you haven't yet watched those videos then I feel like you should as I know you will get a lot out of them with whatever you're doing (and they're all FREE!). On those videos, I provide coaches in all sports with good strategies and advice on how to start, grow and scale successful sports training businesses. 

Now, back to the question: 

If you have a business that is generating 4k per month then what we need to do is understand what are the strategies and tactics currently used that got you to this point.

Often coaches and trainers overlook what they've already done in the past to generate income and then they just stop doing those things. 

When I first started my business over a decade ago I would spend every weekend going to watch teams play on the weekends and the reason I did this was because I knew this was where my future clients would be (the parents). 

This strategy allowed me to gain valuable information such as the parents email and phone number so that when I got back to my house on the Monday morning I would spend time calling these prospects and offer them free demo sessions so they could get to know who I was. I did this for years and I didn't go away from that because it kept working for me and for my business. 

Sometimes it's easy to get caught up and stop doing what has already worked because you already have clients. I know many coaches who simply stop "hunting" because they already have clients so they don't want to do that anymore. 

The first thing you must do if you want to scale is go back to what you originally did to get clients and double down on that. 

The second thing you must do to grow your business and do better financially is put your clients into group training (and stop offering 1on1 training) this way you can train more clients at once during the week which means you will have less lessons and more free time to work on the business rather than in the business.

When you transition your business into group training you will end up making way more money as you will have less amount of coaching hours during the week because all your clients are coming at the same time and not at multiple different times during the week. 

Once your business reaches a certain threshold of clients you can then look to bring in a coach to help you and you can delegate the coaching over to them. I know this will be an important step in your business because if you're implementing a successful referral program with your current clients (which means every 30 days you're contacting them to ask for a referral) then your business should grow at a faster speed and you will ultimately start to earn way more money per month. 

A fourth way to increase your monthly income is by running weekly or monthly clinics, this will generate more revenue per month into your business. Even if you wanted to offer these clinics for FREE you could still use them as a tool to sell parents into your main program and include a referral program for every other parent they recommend into your main program. 

If you implement one or all of the strategies and tactics I have shared with you above I can guarantee your business will start doing way more money than you even thought was imaginable. 

I hope this helps, 


- Ben  



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