"I'm a new trainer, how can I grow my business & get more clients?"

Today I got a message from a coach who wrote..

"Hey Ben, 

I'm a brand new trainer. 

What are some good tips that I need to work on at the beginning of my business?"

I'm going to share my response with you here and I don't want this to sound like a rant, but trust me I'm trying to get my point across so this way if you're a coach reading this you don't run into big problems like this trainer. 

When you first start your business I don't want you to focus solely on trying to build a social media brand on the internet and I don't want you to spend endless amounts of hours building a logo or even a website. 

Here is what you should be doing.. 


I want you to learn how to sell because that is going to be the most important part of your business and that's ultimately what will put food on the dinner table for your family. If you want to help more clients you have to be good at sales and you have to learn sales. 

Most coaches at the beginning might really suck and most coaches might find it hard but in order to overcome that obstacle you must learn how to do it. In my opinion, sales should be the only thing you should be focusing on at the beginning and attached to sales are the results that your clients are getting. 

If you are great at sales but you suck at training you will not be in this business in the long term so you have to learn to get good at sales to get clients. Also, when you get clients you need to focus on results and you need to give your clients the best service in your area, because otherwise they will simply just go with someone else. 

When you sell someone into your program then you will be able to focus on getting those clients great results, because if you aren't learning how to sell first then you won't have any clients to help get results.  

This is why, at the beginning of your business your social media following shouldn't be a priority - sales should be. Your focus should be on selling people to train with you and delivering great results with them so they can then refer other people into your business. 

At the end of the day no one cares about you and your social media following - they only care if you can help them solve their problems. A client will pay you right when you provide them value and you deliver great results. 

I hope this helps, 


- Ben 


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