3 Tips To Growing A Sports Training Program

business programs tips Feb 11, 2021

In today's blog I'm going to cut straight into it because I know a lot of sports coaches have been looking to tweak their programs and they want to either add a new program or they want to make changes with an existing program that they currently offer to their clients. 

I'm going to show you three simple ways to do this so you can offer the right type of program to your clients.

Now, before I fully go into these three points I need to tell you something and this is a
big mistake I used to make when I would create new programs in my business.

I would introduce a brand new program into my business without even telling my clients and if I didn't tell my clients then anytime I introduced a new type of program, it became a complete surprise to them and in most cases it wasn't something that they wanted. It was something I wanted. 

I want you to remember that there's a big difference between you just creating something and your clients wanting something.

I see this happen all the time with sports coaches and it is a huge mistake that most are making right now when they try to create an online program or a digital product. 

When it's a brand new idea and you don't tell anyone about it and you don't get that validated first by your clients, it's not going to work the way it should.

These THREE tips are going to massively help you when you create any new type of new program within your business. 


When you think of the idea I want you to go to your top 10 clients and tell them about your new idea and see if it's something that they would want added into what they're currently doing.  

I'll give you a great example, within my soccer training business I remember having a brand new idea, before I even created it I ran it through enough people and realized that this wasn't something that they wanted. I didn't waste time creating something that people didn't want. 

Instead, I changed my approach and asked my top 10 clients what is something that would benefit your child if I created it.

Once I gathered enough data, I then sat down and did the work and created the new program which my clients then purchased. 

When you have actual clients paying you for the program you will see that there is an actual market for it.

This is very different to you simply creating a program and spending hours and hours making it and it never sells because your clients never asked for it.

You should always go to your current paying clients and ask them what they think. 


After you talk to your clients and get your idea validated, I want you to now execute on the idea and create the program exactly the way your clients asked for. 

A problem I see with many sports coaches I have worked with, is they tell their clients one thing, and then go and create something which is the complete opposite to what the client wanted.  

When you get instant feedback from step one which is to talk to your clients, now we have the data which is why we must then execute on the exact same idea.

If your clients have validated your idea, and you go and create a different type of program this is where I see coaches who get screwed. 

These coaches will spend 6-months making the program perfect and then their clients don't want it because it wasn't what they originally asked for. 


If you're a perfectionist and if you think that the program has to be perfect before
you launch it, it's never going to get launched and no one's ever going to buy it. That's
straight up how it works. 

Many sports coaches know what to do, but they'll find a reason not to do it because they don't think it's perfect enough yet.

The high majority of people that I work with right now aren't in this category, these are sports coaches who do things step by step and follow the plan all the way.  

You don't have to have a perfect program because it won't be.

My soccer training business will never be perfect!

I've worked with many coaches who are making over a million dollars a year right now and even their programs aren't perfect.

These coaches probably run into way bigger problems than coaches who are simply making forty thousand dollars a year. 

I hope this blog helps you out and remember that any new idea that you wanna create,
let's get it validated with our clients first, so we tell people about it.

Once we have spoken to people we can then execute on that idea and remember it's not going to be perfect!

I know it's very straightforward and if you need any help as far as structuring the way that you're making sales with your sports training business or the way that you're talking to prospects over the phone you can schedule a 15-minute phone call with me and I'll be able to help you. 

If you want a stronger application process where you're attracting more committed clients all I want you to do is send me a text me at 210-960-571 and I'd love to see if I can help you.

That's it, 

I'll see you later





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