"This Basketball Trainer keeps stealing clients and copies everything I do "

basketball business scale Mar 24, 2021

Hey coach, 

Today I want to focus on a message I got the other day from a basketball skills coach who messaged me saying this..

"Hey ben, I have another trainer in my city that is copying everything I do with my social media and email newsletters. What should I do? "

When I was 23 years old and first starting out with my business, I remember there was this one guy in my area who would copy word-for-word everything I would write on my website, social media and even my newsletters!

I became so focused on what this guy was doing all the time that it started to distract me away from my mission of helping more kids in my city and more importantly from my business. 

When this happens to you with your business I want you to do the following: 

Block - The first thing I want you to do is to find this person who is copying you on all your marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and your newsletters and BLOCK THEM!

When you block them they won't be able to see what you are posting anymore and you will eliminate that person from your mind. 

Move Fast! - When you move quicker than the person can copy you they will ultimately quit as they won't be able to keep up with you anymore. 

At the end of the day if someone is going to copy you there's nothing you can do, but If you continue to create then that person will always be chasing you. So, if you can create faster than they can copy then you will always be ahead of them. 

Over a  year or two years from now parents will start to sniff out someone who's not authentic and that's exactly what happened with the guy that lived in my city. I ran that dude out of business within two years.

Once I stopped looking at what he was doing my business started doing better and the more he copied me the worse his business actually ended up doing.

If you need more help starting, growing or scaling your business I want you to check out my All-Access Pass Course Bundle. This course has helped thousands of coaches worldwide with theirs sports training business.

Speak to you later,


- Ben





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