"My client rolled his ankle at my session & now his parents are suing me!"

Today's question is very serious and I have seen this question way more than you think.

Here is the question:

"Hey Ben, 

My client rolled their ankle at my session which I thought was no big deal but now a week later their parent are coming after me to pay for the medical bills. I don't know what to do now?"

 I have seen so many coaches and trainers who start a training business and they don't have insurance to cover for any situations like this one.

If one of your clients gets injured at your sessions then yes they will go after you and they should go after you if you aren't properly insured. 

If I had a kid and he rolled his ankle at your session then I would do exactly the same as this parent is doing with this coach. I would chase the coach to cover for my childs medical bills. 

I've consulted with many coaches who treat their training businesses like a hobby and then later down the road they come into a bigger problem just like this coach here. Most coaches...

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