1 Referral = $200,000 in extra revenue (my story)

business referral sales Feb 08, 2021

Hey what's up coach!

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Today, on this blog I'm going to be reviewing an email that I sent out to the coaches on our email newsletter. 

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Over the last five years I have been sending emails to coaches who are subscribed to our email list and today I want to review to you one email that was sent out about a referral story that happened to me a long time ago.   

I think this story will be very valuable to you and to your business. 

In 2010, I was just starting out with my business. I was on the hunt for new clients. 

Every weekend I would go out to the soccer fields near where I lived and talk to parents.

I broke out of my comfort zone and by doing this every weekend I managed to gather as many contacts I could to call back on Monday. 

I would sit down at my desk on Monday morning and call all the parents I had spoken to at the fields. 

Once I built a connection with the parents over the phone. I would invite their child to a free training session with me.

I started to see results immediately with this process as I was talking to a lot of parents on a weekly basis. 

On this one weekend, I met a dad called Mr. Spencer.

His daughter was playing in the game we were both watching.

After building a connection with this parent I stuck to my process and called Mr. Spencer that following Monday morning. 

I told Mr. Spencer that I would love to put together a free clinic with his team - instead he wanted his daughter to do one-on-one training with me. 

I gladly agreed to the training and there I started to build a really strong relationship with his family.

His daughter became one of my star clients over the years because I focused on TWO things. 

1. Relationships

2. Results 

Mr. Spencer started referring many parents into my program.

In fact, I checked my client spreadsheet before writing this blog and he'd refereed over 48 paying clients into my program! 

Some of these clients did one-on-one training in our high end programs, while others did our camps and clinics. 

The more serious and committed parents went into our college recruiting program where they invested well over $2,000 with me to help recruit their child into playing at college. 

You might be thinking.. good for you Ben! 

But, the reason why I am telling you this is to make you aware that this is a relationship and results game, where if you focus on those two things the finances will take care of itself.  

If you're already in business I want to encourage you to set up a referral program with your clients. 

In our consulting program we have worked with some extremely committed coaches who have referred other coaches into the program which has helped our business to grow.  

Some of our top 1-1 clients have gone on to make over $7,000 in sales over the last month within their own business.

So, if you're reading this I want you to remember that your business should be built with the complete focus on relationships and results. 

If you're a coach who is good at getting results with clients I can promise you that you will have a successful business. You must simply focus on building close relationships with your clients so they can refer other like-minded parents into your program. 

Just like the parent who referred over 48 other families into my business this can also be a game changer for you too. But, you must first focus on building relationships with your clients and if you're not doing that at the moment, it's going to be hard for them to want to refer new clients to you. 

When you focus on the results and if you're really good at what you do then you should be creating a referral system for more parents and players in your area to get similar help and results.  

If you are reading this and you want more help with creating a custom referral system with your clients then what I want you to do is very simple. I want you to subscribe onto my email list because I know that I can help you quickly with your business.

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See you later

- Ben 


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