"how often should I MARKET MYSELF to prospects and clients?

Today I'm going to be answering a question from one of the coaches inside of my consulting program. 

He wrote me a message saying: 

"Hey Ben, 

I'm starting the process of organizing my email list on Kajabi. 

I'm getting all of my marketing set up and I'm starting to write some of my emails.

How often should I be hitting my email list throughout the month?"

My answer to this question is very simple because a lot of coaches think that just because they have an email list built over time and they are only writing one email per month that prospect will buy from them. 

If seen many coaches who don't set clear targets with their email campaigns which means they aren't aiming for anything - they are just sending random emails now and again hoping that a parent will either buy or respond to one of the emails. 

At the beginning when you're first starting off with your email list I would do one email per week and pick a set day and time to have the email go out. The best way to do this is spending one day out of the month and having all your content done. This way all your emails are finished and you load them up to Kajabi to schedule out without thinking about it. 

When you do this once per month you can have 12 weeks worth of emails completed and ready to go out without you worrying about anything. Once you get into a routine of doing this I want you to look at the stats and see which emails worked and which emails didn't work. 

After 12 weeks of getting into a routine and building up a lot of stats and data on your emails we can then look to push two weeks out per week and look to do this for another 12 weeks straight (and repeat the cycle with looking at your stats and data). Then once you have enough information we can then look to move into writing emails three times per week over a 12 week period of time and we repeat the process until you are confident enough to write an email every day. 

Coaches who are intentional with how they spend their time marketing are always going to draw in awesome clients that want to read your newsletter and want to share your newsletter with others. 

You have to remember that not everyone's gonna want to read your newsletter all the time but if you are consistent with that then it's going to be your best asset in your business. Emails can be way more important than your social media following because you actually own the information. 

Having an email list is important but knowing how to use it at the beginning I think is very key. You must set a crystal clear goal for yourself and aim to do it one per week and gradually grow to three. The more you write newsletters the better your newsletters will become.  

Some of the most successful coaches I'm currently helping with their business write there's between three and five times per week. These coaches are creating great offers for their audience, storytelling, talking about problems that they can solve and really going deep in the mind of the client. 

I hope this helps, 


- Ben 


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