I spend 30 hours a week on my business but I'm not making enough money

Today I want to focus on a question from a coach called Brian who is a Baseball trainer. 

Here is Brian's question:

"Hey Ben.. I've been working six to eight hours per day on my business and I feel like I can't get ahead what should I do? I've considered just quitting"..

When I consult with coaches on a daily basis the first thing I look for is  how that coach spends their time. 

Most coaches will say that they spend 30-45 hours a week on their business. But, the truth is you don't need to spend that much time if you're working smart.

A problem I see with many coaches is they don't work smarter, they only work harder and each and every day you spend on your business this time should be focused on pushing the needle forward in order to drive more sales your way.

You need to have a daily disciplined plan in place and you need to know what you're doing hour by hour in order to see real progress with your business. 

A lot of coaches will say to me that they work 30 hours per week on their business but I know they're not telling the truth.

When you say to someone that you grind it out every week for 40 to 60 hours that sounds great, but I want you to know that's not reality. 

If you're spending 30 hours a week on your business it probably means you're being distracted during the day and if that's the case then you should probably quit and you should find something else to do so that way you stop wasting 30 hours a week. 

When I first started my business I used to be distracted all the time and very quickly I had to change that bad habit because I started noticing that it was affecting the results I was getting within my business and with my clients. 

Instead, I learned that if I had 30 hours per week to spend on my business then I should be doing all I could to get referrals, make more sales calls and improve my marketing skills. 

When I learned that eating Cheetos while sitting in front of Netflix all day wasn't going to push my business forward I started to see a real transformation in my confidence at talking to parents over the phone and closing more sales. 

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Speak to you later,


- Ben




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