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Why 5% of coaches grow their business DAILY!

Hey coach, my name is Ben Nabers. 

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Question: "How do I grow my business on social media?"

Today, I want to review a question that I get asked by many sports coaches who reach out to me throughout the week and ask how can they grow their business using social media. 

Most sports coaches will say to me:

"I'm posting on social media but nothing's working?"

Over the last 6 years I've worked with hundreds of sports coaches on this particular topic and I want to help you by simplifying the process so you know how to operate like the successful 5% of sports coaches that I work with.


After consulting with sports coaches in our Board Room Mastermind program from every sport imaginable there's a clear cut difference between what the most 5% successful do, and what the majority do. 

 The first thing I see a lot of sports coaches do is they use social media as a "personal" tool rather than a "business" tool.

These sports coaches will create Facebook or Instagram stories talking about anything except about their business and clients.

These coaches make social media about them rather than about their own business. 


When you use social media it should never be about you, instead it should always be about the problems you're solving and highlighting the successes of your clients.

It can be very easy to fall into the social media trap and if you do your research you'll see that the most successful coaches ONLY use social media for business purposes, to either market or to promote their business and program.    

You don't need to be massive on social media.


I have seen hundreds of coaches simply create flyer after flyer on their social media accounts and wait for something to happen.. LOL

Yes, you want to put yourself out there and get known but also at the same time you need to figure out who is following you on social media.

Are your followers just random people or are they actual potential customers? 


95% of coaches are envious of their local competitors. 

These types of sports coaches will spend hours and hours scrolling social media to see what others are doing in their local area and will simply wait until a prospect calls them.

These sports coaches are spectators who are not aggressive enough with their marketing. 

The 5% of successful coaches DON'T ever worry about what their competitor is doing, they are laser focused on their own goals and targets.  


95% of coaches will spend thousands of dollars on a cool website and not enough on marketing. 

This is very common with sports coaches.

Most of them will try to set up cool websites and design these fancy logos but don't spend enough time on actually marketing to drive sales. 

I know plenty of coaches who have really cool websites and awesome logos but ZERO clients. 


They don't HUNT for clients.

The 5% of successful sports coaches that I work with do this really well.

They spend most of their hours and day building connections with people.

These coaches will spend every single day talking to at least 3 new people per day in their local area.

These people could be: 

  • Parents
  • Clients
  • Coaches
  • Organizations
  • Clubs 

 The 5% are always constantly hunting to find new leads. 


NOT laser focused on marketing. 

The TOP 5% of coaches all make marketing a priority and will send out email campaigns every single week so they can stay in front of their clients and prospects. 

This way they are sharing their messages with more people. 

My simplified program called The Start Up Program will give you a step by step guide on how to start, grow and scale your sports training business without making the same mistakes as the 95% do. 

If you want to purchase The Start Up Program simply click HERE

Speak soon, 




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