Why '6-month contracts' are BETTER than the PAY PER SESSION model

contract agreement Mar 20, 2023

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Our company has been helping coaches in ALL sports since 2017 make difficult and uncomfortable transitions from PAY PER SESSION models to selling LONG TERM PACKAGES with the parents they work with. 

Most coaches don't want to make these transitions with their business because of FEAR that they will lose clients if they do. 

The TRUTH is you will lose clients in the short term, BUT in the long term you will also gain far better clients who will become more committed to your training program and be MORE enjoyable to work with. 

The PAY PER SESSION model is a system used by personal sports trainers for many years now, 10  years ago it was the norm to make your training clients pay you cash at your sessions as it was pretty much the ONLY way you could get paid for your services. 

TODAY, with online payments now made possible through multiple companies offering different software's, there isn't an excuse for NOT using an online payment system with your sports coaching business.

In fact, by using these online payment platforms it allows the coach the time to focus all of his/her efforts and energy on training clients rather than chasing clients up for payments.

How to make the transition from PAY PER SESSION to Long Term Agreements with clients: 

The FIRST step is to create CONTRACTS within your soccer coaching business where the parent is signing AND agreeing to your terms and conditions BEFORE they start training with you.

In our Sports Accelerator Program we teach our coaches NEVER to accept payment or to start training a client UNTIL they have agreed and signed the contract. 

MOST coaches don't want to introduce contracts into their business because of FEAR that parents will NOT want to join if a contract is in place.

The truth is, a contract is a form of commitment which means by signing the contract the client agrees to commit fully to your program for 6-months. 

If your business is run on a WEEK BY WEEK basis and you are getting paid cash then it will be almost IMPOSSIBLE for you to get your clients more committed and to join for 6-month contracts. 

The FIRST steps to SUCCESS with your coaching business: 

1. CREATE contracts that NEW clients sign when they enrol into your program. Be clear to set your terms and conditions and to state when the start and end date of the contract is (6-months)  

2. Make ALL clients pay you ONLINE. There are TWO ways you can charge clients: 

- You can set up a direct debit where the client is billed MONTHLY for 6 months OR they can pay you ONLINE upfront with a discount. 

Our most popular online payment system the coaches we work with use is SamCART. 

When you set standards with your business your clients will follow them. The HIGHER the standards you set the HIGHER the commitment you will get from the families you work with. 

Make these small tweaks in your business this week and watch how MORE secure your business will becomes. 

If you need MORE help with your business you can schedule a call with me TODAY.

Be great, 

Leonardo Capparelli - Sales Director, Make Money Coaching Sports





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