Will starting a TIK TOK account help me get new clients in my training business?

I got a question this morning from a Volleyball trainer called Michael who is based in San Francisco. 

He says: 

"Hey Ben, I've watched a lot of your YouTube videos and I'm also on your newsletter too! I have noticed that you don't talk much about Instagram or Tik Tok? Are these platforms you would recommend for trainers to use?"

I want to be clear here.. I would encourage anyone to be on any platform if they can stick with it for the long term and here's why..   

I personally don't have Tik Tok and I try not to get too caught up with social media news as I like to stay focused on one platform and make that one platform the thing I put my time and energy into. Now, if you're an entertaining coach and you want to dance around and sing songs all day then I would definitely encourage you to use Tik Tok haha. 

I am a calm person and I like to use platforms that go with my personality and I know will get me clients. This is a question most coaches don't ask themselves.. Where are my clients? 

When you figure out where your future clients are then you can put your time and energy into building that platform as you will start to see great results. I don't want you to focus on getting popular or try to get likes and comments because the way that you truly have
an impact as a coach and grow your business is if you're able to help more clients. 

Social media can be a huge distraction for a lot of coaches and really the question this coach is asking is what is the best platform to use to promote his business? 

Let me be clear here, there's a million different platforms out there to promote your business but the real question is how consistent are you going to be at using the platform you decide to choose? I would personally choose the platform where you will be able to promote your business to future clients rather than just being on the platform because a person you know is on it. 

I want you to remember that people who are looking to be popular often times don't have a real business or they might think they have a real business. The number one thing you don't want to do is jump around from starting a YouTube channel or starting a podcast to
going on snapchat and start doing dancing videos on Tik Tok. 

What you need to think about is where are my future clients and how can I get my message in front of them and how can I be relentless and consistent so I am the go-to person in my niche.

I don't recommend anyone to just follow the bright shiny objects out there unless they're
going to be consistent and I get this sort of question all the time because ultimately what coaches are doing is they're hiding behind social media to try and get clients rather than getting on sales calls with real prospects. 

I hope this helps, 

Speak soon, 


- Ben 



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