How To Be More Proactive With Your Marketing

business clients marketing Feb 26, 2021

Hey coach,

Today, I'm gonna show you how you can be more proactive with your marketing.

I will tell you, I see most sports coaches who know they're great at coaching and they also know that they can help clients get better and achieve great results.

What most coaches don't know is how to market themselves. 

They'll create a fancy website and just sit back and think that prospects are going to contact them to train with them instead of thinking that THEY need to market to get the prospects to train with them.

Prospects simply coming to you has never worked like that with any coach I've helped because a website is not going to to be the thing that gets you a lot of clients, it's all about being proactive with your marketing.

I'm going to talk to you about a few examples that I know will really help you in the beginning of your business.

1. Make Google your best friend -

I want you to make Google your new best friend in your business. I want you to search all the high schools, middle schools, elementary schools and organizations in your area that may have the clients you want to work with. 

2. Meet people - 

We need to get you out there and meeting new people so you can meet new prospects. I don't want you to just sit behind a computer screen all day and wait for prospects. We need to be PROACTIVE. 

I want you to show confidence that not only are you the best at what you do, but that you really want to help others in your community. 

3. Use social media - 

Once you've put yourself out there we can then start to market ourselves on social media and that's the thing, if you have a good system in place where you are going out to different school functions and you're going out to organizations around your community, while combining that with social media you can build more buzz around what you're doing. 

A lot of coaches shy away from marketing themselves either because they don't know how to do it or they're just straight up lazy. 

You have to be more proactive if you really want to ramp it up with your business. 

I highly recommend you get my Perfect Client Blueprint course which will break everything down piece by piece about how to attract and close the perfect clients into your business. 

Talk to you soon, 


- Ben 


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