What's better? Social Media or Old School Sales?

With cell phones today consisting of hundreds of apps and distractions they have become a huge trap for a lot of coaches and trainers who are looking to grow their business or even start their business. 

I see a lot of people now that hide behind their social media accounts and take loads of photos trying to create content to build their business. 

I will tell you now, this is the fastest way to lose in this industry! 

Instead, what you should be using your phone for is to learn about sales and you learn about sales through talking to people in your community.

When you connect with people on a regular basis you will become the most connected person in your community as well as the most respected coach in your area. When you start to link up with other coaches in your area everyone should know who you are.

As you begin to build your connections with other coaches and working with them this can be a useful tool to then post on your social media instead of you spending hours and hours of valuable time trying to create never ending content. 

Many coaches will message me throughout the month and say to me "Hey Ben, I'm not getting anyone to sign up to my program". My response to this is always the same, you must use the phone to actually talk to prospects not just to market and promote. 

When you stop relying on social media to get all your new clients you will realize that instead you could use your phone to:

  • Meet people
  • Call people 
  • Text people 

I want you to rethink your strategy and be more creative and resourceful. You need to learn how to sell more of your program and you do that by getting more reps by talking to more people. 

If you want to start your own sports training business I want you to check out The Start Up Program I created for sports coaches looking to start their own coaching business HERE. 

I'll see you later, 


- Ben 


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