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My clients Pay me on VENMO & owe me a LOT of money right now!

clients payments venmo Apr 12, 2021

I got this message from a coach the other day.. 

"Hey Ben, my clients only want to pay online if they pay me through Venmo. I don't really want to use Venmo but that's what they want to do.. what should I do?" 

Now, this is a problem I see a lot of coaches have when they are trying to scale their business and I want to be very careful with how I say this to you because if you're clients are telling you how they want to pay then you don't have a sustainable business long term.


The reason why I want you to be in control with how your clients pay you is because if a parent decides to pay you using Venmo on the first session, then what happens if that parent doesn't show up again to your next session or if they decide to wait in the car and don't talk to you?

The first thing we need to do is we need to set straight who...

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My wife thinks I should quit my business

business family start up Apr 06, 2021

Today, I got a really long message from a coach who has been watching our YouTube channel on a consistent basis and he reached out to me with a very brave question.  

This coach asked me: 

"Hey Ben, I want to start a business but my wife doesn't feel like that's gonna be a good move for us right now. At the moment we both have a job and I think she's worried about not being stable if I go full time into this business and she's unsure that this is something I should do Can you give me some advice on what I should do?."


Now, the way my mind operates is not going to be the same as everyone else but here's what I'll tell you because I am a married man and my wife does not work. In our relationship I am the sole provider and I told my wife before we got married that's exactly what's going to happen. 


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This Mom said my price was "WAYYYY too PRICEY!!"

Today I want to dig into a question I saw that is very common with many coaches and it's something that I have already experienced with my own coaching business. I've seen this happen to me in the past and yesterday this coach reached out and said..

"Hey Ben, I'm having a hard time dealing with prospects over the phone who think that my program is too expensive and don't want to commit" 

 When you encounter people like this it should teach you two things about your business: 

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First, if you get a response like this the first thing I want you to find out- is this person a good fit for your program or not? If they can't commit to your program then you won't be able to help them and on the back end of that each time you speak to a prospect over the phone you have to understand that not all prospects will join your program. 

Each day I look at the stats in my business and I look...

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Should I run Paid Facebook Ads as a new coach to business?

Today I want to talk about running Facebook ads and whether you should run ads when you're starting your business. 

Most marketers that you see on social media like to talk about running Facebook ads as though they will be the key to your success in business and that anybody can do it. But, the truth is without any knowledge or experience you may lose a lot of money at the beginning. 

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When you're just starting your business and even if you're already experienced in business I want to tell you that running Facebook ads can be good but what most coaches do is they run ads instead of contacting people.

The reality is if you run paid ads you will get a lot of people to be interested in what you do but at some point you're going to have to talk to them over the phone. In my group consulting program I discourage coaches at the beginning of their business from running any sort of ads...

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He makes 120k/year with his SOCCER BUSINESS but has a HUGE PROBLEM

business lifestyle soccer Mar 30, 2021

I have a great question here from a coach.

Before I get into too much detail here this is going to apply to you if you already have clients and you feel that your time is being sucked away from you because you're spending all your time training your clients and zero time with your family and personal life. 

Here's the question: 

 "Hey Ben, I'm making around 10,000/month right now and I have 50 clients who are paying me 200/each. I'm currently doing 25 sessions per week and I have no time to spend with my family because I get home late. What can I do to improve my situation" 

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This is where I'm going to give you a very simple process to think about and this all comes down to business strategy. So, the first thing that we need to do is establish what are your off days going to be?

After you've worked that out you have to then work out what are your set days and times that you...

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My best friend wants to start a training biz w/ me, should I do it?

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2021

Today I got a question from a coach called Robert who is in California and he say's..

"Hey Ben I'm thinking about partnering with one of my old college basketball teammates
and I'm thinking about setting up a partnership with him so we can go into our training business together instead of me just doing it by myself. Can you give me some advice?"

My short answer to this question is no it's not a good idea and here's why:

First, you have to ask yourself a couple of questions about what does this person you're partnering with bring to the table that you can't normally. 

When two people are starting a business in partnership normally everything is brand new to them both, they might not yet know what they're doing yet. If the person you're partnered with doesn't know what they're doing this can be a liability at the beginning.   

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Second, I want you to ask yourself does the person...

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I spend 30 hours a week on my business but I'm not making enough money

Today I want to focus on a question from a coach called Brian who is a Baseball trainer. 

Here is Brian's question:

"Hey Ben.. I've been working six to eight hours per day on my business and I feel like I can't get ahead what should I do? I've considered just quitting"..

When I consult with coaches on a daily basis the first thing I look for is  how that coach spends their time. 

Most coaches will say that they spend 30-45 hours a week on their business. But, the truth is you don't need to spend that much time if you're working smart.

A problem I see with many coaches is they don't work smarter, they only work harder and each and every day you spend on your business this time should be focused on pushing the needle forward in order to drive more sales your way.

You need to have a daily disciplined plan in place and you need to know what you're doing hour by hour in order to see real progress with your business. 

A lot of coaches will say to me...

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"This Basketball Trainer keeps stealing clients and copies everything I do "

basketball business scale Mar 24, 2021

Hey coach, 

Today I want to focus on a message I got the other day from a basketball skills coach who messaged me saying this..

"Hey ben, I have another trainer in my city that is copying everything I do with my social media and email newsletters. What should I do? "

When I was 23 years old and first starting out with my business, I remember there was this one guy in my area who would copy word-for-word everything I would write on my website, social media and even my newsletters!

I became so focused on what this guy was doing all the time that it started to distract me away from my mission of helping more kids in my city and more importantly from my business. 

When this happens to you with your business I want you to do the following: 

Block - The first thing I want you to do is to find this person who is copying you on all your marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and your newsletters and BLOCK THEM!

When you block them they won't be able to see what you...

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100 clients who pay $100/mo or 20 clients who pay $500/mo?

I have a question for you today..

Would you rather have 100 customers who pay you 100/month or 20 customers who pay you 500/month?

The reason I'm asking you that question is because a lot of coaches message me all the time asking how to get to 10k/year. 

Once I actually sit down with these coaches and break down their business piece by piece I find out that most coaches don't charge a premium for what they do. 

When I first started my business I didn't charge a premium either and it took me a while to build my confidence and push my pricing up.  

A lot of coaches think that all they need are hundreds of customers paying a small amount, but the truth is the more clients you add into your program the more clients you have to deal with every week.  

I want to shift your mindset to where you charge a premium price for your program and you only work with a small number of clients. 

I am a big believer that when you have less clients who pay you more...

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How Moy Made an extra $3,200 with Baseball Clinics!

baseball camps clinics Mar 19, 2021

Hey coach, 

Welcome back to a new blog post!

Today, as I write this post it's March 19th 2021 and it's been awesome to see some of the results we have been getting with the coaches in our CONSULTING PROGRAM. 

I want to focus on the results I have gotten with a Baseball trainer that lives in Oklahoma and is in my 1-1 CONSULTING PROGRAM. 

Coach Moy is looking to take his Baseball business nationwide by setting up more camps and clinics for baseball players all around the US.

Moy is currently a very busy 1-1 trainer and we are working with him to change his business model to offer more group training that will help his program to scale.

The way Coach Moy has set his camps and clinics is through a very step-by-step strategic plan and I will tell you that if you want to model this into your own business you must be willing to take action and follow through on what I'm about to share with you. 

Talking to parents over the phone -

If you want to get HUGE results and...

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