How to Become FEARLESS Making Sales Calls with FUTURE Clients

sales call Feb 14, 2022

Here's how to become bold and fearless over the phone with prospects you are selling to.

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The Smartest way to Create a NEW PROGRAM for Your Clients

Stop wasting time and money with your ideas - instead - follow this 4 step process to launch a NEW program to clients whenever you want. 

To see more case studies from the coaches we have worked with:
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How to Get Clients to Pay UPFRONT $3,000-$10,000 For Sports Lessons

How to Get Clients to Pay UPFRONT $3,000-$10,000 For Sports Lessons

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Should I Pay someone 2k-5k to Build a Website for Me?!

business website Jan 17, 2022

Should you pay someone to build your website for you when starting your sports training business?

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If you do THIS.... Local competition will help you make more money in your business

Here's why local competitors will actually help you make more money (if you do this...)

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facility rental Jan 03, 2022

At what stage should I spend money on rent to run my business?

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How to make $1,000/Hour with Basketball/Soccer/Baseball/Football/Hockey Clinics

Today, I break down what is working for my clients who are making an extra 1k/month with clinics!

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Why You'll Make More Money with Group Sessions In Your Soccer/Basketball/Baseball/Football Business!

If you feel that you're doing WAY too many sessions per week in your business? I think this video will really help you. 

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How to Close clients WITHOUT Your Phone (use this instead)

prospecting sales call zoom Dec 13, 2021

A huge problem most coaches have is WASTING time on the phone with prospects (going back and forth via text and email) - today I show you a simple (and time effective) strategy that will help you convert more clients WITHOUT the phone.

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