What's the difference between Mentally WEAK and Mentally TOUGH Coaches/Trainers?

mindset Jun 27, 2022

Are you mentally tough or weak? Today, I talk about the difference between the two.

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Why "Learning" from social media is destroying your business and LIFE

social media Jun 20, 2022

Today I talk about why information is KILLING YOUR BUSINESS

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The DIFFERENCE between Being a SALESMAN and Being NEEDY/DESPERATE to close the sale

sales Jun 13, 2022

Today, we talk about the difference between being a salesman and being needy/desperate.

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How much is “too much” marketing?

marketing Jun 06, 2022

Over the past several years we have gotten on to the email list of the coaches that we work with in our business coaching program.

A lot of these coaches tell us that they want to start marketing harder with their business.

One of the things that we do at Make Money Coaching Sports is we teach coaches how to send emails to clients, and how to send emails frequently to their email list.

Over the last 3-years we have seen a big difference between the coaches who send out 1-3 emails per week compared to those coaches who send out 1-3 emails a MONTH. 

Here's the thing - when you wake up in the morning you will probably have at least 10 to 20 emails that came in when you were sleeping. 

Then during the day you're probably getting another 10 to 50 or probably more emails. You will get emails EVERY single day so you cannot be afraid to email clients and prospects about your offers.

This should be something that you do all the time!

If you need more help with your email...

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I feel like it's impossible to grow because I have bad clients!

bad clients May 30, 2022

Setting standards within your business will change your life. Watch today's video from start to finish to examine how you are operating your business.

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What If some of my clients want to keep paying me cash/venmo and DON'T want to pay online?

cash venmo May 23, 2022

What if some clients want to continue paying cash/Venmo and not online?

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Should I Pay someone 2k-5k to Build a Website for Me?!

website development May 16, 2022

Should you pay someone to build your website for you when starting your sports training business?

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How this Coach makes $4,930/mo WITHOUT coaching Clients

scaling May 09, 2022

Today, I show you an example from a coach I'm working with who makes around $5,000/month working just 4 sessions per month & how we plan on scaling his program to the next level.

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How Jaclyn Quit her 9-5 Job to Go FULL-TIME with her Basketball Skills Training Business!

full time business Apr 11, 2022

How my client, Jaclyn QUIT her job to pursue her basketball skills training business FULL-TIME!

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What's better? Upfront Payments from Clients or a Subscription Based Model?

upfront payments Apr 04, 2022

Should I run a subscription based model or charge my clients UPFRONT and sell (units).

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