Why the "Home School" Sports Training Market is GROWING at 10x WARP SPEED

home school May 17, 2023

Pay close attention to the home school sports training market over the next year. This is a great niche to be in if you are a sports trainer. 


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How one coaches HUGE MISTAKE earned me $60,000 in one day!!!

mistakes May 09, 2023

This is one of my favorite stories about how I was running a clinic and was approached by parents who were waiting for their coach...for 4 weeks in a row.

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What do YOUR CLIENTS SAY Behind Your Back???

parents May 05, 2023

Do your clients say good things about you? What do they ACTUALLY think about you and your coaching business? Today, we talk about that.


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Complete Guide: ZERO to 500 Clients in your local sports coaching/training business

0 to 500 clients Apr 26, 2023

In this masterclass, I show you how to start your business from ZERO and scale to 500+ clients in your local sports training business. It's a 60 minute video that will break down key elements and show you what to change/focus on.

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Why you should take a physical and mental break from training your clients every 90 days!

burn out Apr 21, 2023

Coaches get burned out from coaching too much - this is a common problem a lot of trainers have, today - I show you how to fix this to STAY FRESH as a trainer for the years to come.

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The Secret Sauce to STAY Self Employed for a DECADE+ in the sports coaching industry

self employed Apr 13, 2023

How to stay self employed for 10+ years in the sports coaching industry


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Simple strategies to make real $$$ from Social Media Posts and DM's

business strategies Apr 08, 2023

In today's video, I will teach you how to make money from using Facebook and Instagram. This all starts with PUTTING YOURSELF out there and doing simple things that lead to long-term success.


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Why '6-month contracts' are BETTER than the PAY PER SESSION model

contract agreement Mar 20, 2023

Building a Competitive Training Environment — Keepitonthedeck

Our company has been helping coaches in ALL sports since 2017 make difficult and uncomfortable transitions from PAY PER SESSION models to selling LONG TERM PACKAGES with the parents they work with. 

Most coaches don't want to make these transitions with their business because of FEAR that they will lose clients if they do. 

The TRUTH is you will lose clients in the short term, BUT in the long term you will also gain far better clients who will become more committed to your training program and be MORE enjoyable to work with. 

The PAY PER SESSION model is a system used by personal sports trainers for many years now, 10  years ago it was the norm to make your training clients pay you cash at your sessions as it was pretty much the ONLY way you could get paid for your services. 

TODAY, with online payments now made possible through multiple companies offering different software's, there isn't an excuse for NOT using an online payment system with your sports...

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Why it's better to KEEP current clients vs having to get new ones

losing clients Mar 14, 2023

Keeping current clients is the model to have a SUCCESSFUL business in the long-term. Many coaches struggle to retain clients and they recycle new customers in to replace lost clients every month.

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no money Mar 06, 2023

Our company has been helping private youth soccer trainers across the world to start and scale their own businesses since 2014. 

At this point, our company has worked with youth soccer trainers in over 4 different countries. 

Many coaches ask me "how do I start a business with NO money"?

When I started my own soccer training business back in 2018, I did it with very little to no money.

I had just left a full time job to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur and I was living off my savings for 3-6 months.   

Times were tough, but I knew in my heart that if I wanted this to work, then I had to go ALL in on it and approach it as if my life depended on it with NO DISTRACTIONS.

I could have found another full time job and started my own business as a "side hustle" but I didn't want to because I knew that if I did that I would eventually get distracted and my business would stay as a side hustle. 

Instead, I built the courage up to go out into the market place...

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