What's better? Social Media or Old School Sales?

With cell phones today consisting of hundreds of apps and distractions they have become a huge trap for a lot of coaches and trainers who are looking to grow their business or even start their business. 

I see a lot of people now that hide behind their social media accounts and take loads of photos trying to create content to build their business. 

I will tell you now, this is the fastest way to lose in this industry! 

Instead, what you should be using your phone for is to learn about sales and you learn about sales through talking to people in your community.

When you connect with people on a regular basis you will become the most connected person in your community as well as the most respected coach in your area. When you start to link up with other coaches in your area everyone should know who you are.

As you begin to build your connections with other coaches and working with them this can be a useful tool to then post on your social media instead of you spending...

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How to get current clients to pay you more money every month

camps clients clinics Mar 03, 2021

Hey coach, 

I want to give you a tactic today that I feel will really help you with your coaching business. 

I want you to focus on speaking to more of your current customers and give them more
opportunities to work with you.

Here are TWO ways I want you to approach this: 


If you're doing any sort of private one-on-one training with any of your clients I want you to ask them if they would want to step into a group session.

If they say yes, I want you to invite them to do that once a month and upgrade them into your group training program. By just simply asking the parent if they would like to do this, you could increase your monthly income in your business. 


I want you to take anyone who is currently in your program and who is currently paying you already to move them into either your camp or clinics membership this way they get more of your...

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How To Ramp Up Your Camp and Clinic Registrations

camps clinics registrations Mar 01, 2021

Hey coach, 

If you're struggling to sell out your camps and clinics I want you to read very carefully. 

I want to show you a very simple THREE step process that will help you to sell out all your sports camps and clinics. 


I want you to create a very detailed and very organized registration page. This page needs to look very professional as this is the page where you're going to direct parents to enroll onto your camp or clinic. 

I want you to collect the parents name, email address and any information about their child. 


Once the parent signs up you'll now have all their details such as contact number. 

After they have enrolled into your camp or clinic I want you to text the parent and schedule a call with them. 


On these calls I want you to thank the parent for enrolling onto the program and say to the parent how...

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How To Be More Proactive With Your Marketing

business clients marketing Feb 26, 2021

Hey coach,

Today, I'm gonna show you how you can be more proactive with your marketing.

I will tell you, I see most sports coaches who know they're great at coaching and they also know that they can help clients get better and achieve great results.

What most coaches don't know is how to market themselves. 

They'll create a fancy website and just sit back and think that prospects are going to contact them to train with them instead of thinking that THEY need to market to get the prospects to train with them.

Prospects simply coming to you has never worked like that with any coach I've helped because a website is not going to to be the thing that gets you a lot of clients, it's all about being proactive with your marketing.

I'm going to talk to you about a few examples that I know will really help you in the beginning of your business.

1. Make Google your best friend -

I want you to make Google your new best friend in your business. I want you to search all the high...

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Why Clinics are PERFECT for Prospects You can't close into monthly programming

clinics prospects Feb 24, 2021

Hey coach,

Now, one thing I've seen that has really taken off over the past couple of months with coaches that we help in our Boardroom Mastermind consulting program are clinics. 

These coaches are starting to put together monthly clinics for clients who cannot commit to a weekly training program.

When you set up monthly clinics in your business this will give any person you talk to over the phone that can't commit to your full weekly program an option to still train with you. 

I feel this is going to be a great option for you if you cannot get clients committing to weekly training. Children's Team Building on Green Grassland


A very simple system that you can implement in your business is to schedule all your monthly clinics. 

When you have your monthly clinics scheduled out this will give your prospects on your sales calls more offers and options to choose from when you try to close them into your program. 

When you give your prospects multiple...

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Here's 1k-5k you are sitting on! (How to close leads who didn't buy)

Hey coach,
Welcome back to another blog here. 
I got this question a couple of days ago from a sports coach and this is not the first time I've seen this question: 
Question - " Hey Ben a lot of prospects that I've reached out to have raised their hand and said they are interested in training with me but they have not yet joined my program how can I handle this"
If you speak to many prospects per week the chances are very high that you won't close every single prospect into to your program.
I want to encourage you to create a database spreadsheet so that that you can collect all of your prospects data and place it on there. 
On the spreadsheet should be all the details of prospects who didn't buy and past clients who you should reach out to again. 
When you become really organized with this you will be able to follow up much easier with your...
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How to navigate a sales call like a pro (framing & what to say on the call)

covid sports Feb 19, 2021

Hey coach, 

Do you get anxious on your sales calls and you don't know what to say?

Maybe, you get a little tense too when talking about money to prospects?

If this is you, I know this blog is going to help you.

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How to become more confident on your sales calls with parents - 

The first thing I want you to do is write down on a piece of paper what do you do on these types of calls and how confident are you when speaking to prospects over the phone about your business or program?  

If you aren't confident then this is probably one of the reasons why you aren't closing more clients.

The first thing we need to do is we need to...

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Simple Business Ideas for Starting and Growing Sports Leagues

Hey what's up coach welcome back to the blog

Today, I want to talk to you about something a little bit different and I'm going to be walking you through an idea that I've already helped multiple sports coaches with over the last 5 years. 

If you currently have a sports coaching business and you are thinking of starting a sports league I want you to read this whole blog as I'm going to be sharing some really valuable information with you that I know will help. 


A very common type of business model I'm currently seeing in the sports training industry is small sided events.  

In soccer, these could be 3v3 or 4v4 type formats where you have multiple teams who play against each other once a week and are placed in a league table. If you're a basketball coach, this type of business model can work really well too. 


I'm not going to say the pricing is going to be uniform for everyone but I've seen this...

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The Path to Making 100k/Year with Sports Camps

business camps clients Feb 17, 2021

Hey what's up coach welcome back to our blog!

Today, as I write this blog for you I have my notepad and pen next to me because I want to share with you the blueprint to making $100k in your business by running sports camps. 

Before you read on further I want to be really honest with you. If you don't have any clients yet in your sports coaching business then this blog isn't going to apply to you. 

If you're reading this and you're looking to start a sports coaching business in 2021 then my START UP PROGRAM will be a great resource for you. 

Now, I've seen multiple sports coaches that we've helped over the last two weeks in our Boardroom Consulting Mastermind make thousands of dollars in their business by simply running sports camps.

Even during this pandemic one of our clients made $20k profit in his American football training business!

So, what I'm telling you here will definitely work in your business and it will work a lot better if you're experienced in business...

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Increase your Pricing with this "tweak" (Sales Advice)

price prospects sales Feb 16, 2021

When you close your first client into your sports coaching business you will feel a high level of confidence that what you offer is actually needed in the market place. 

If this is you I want you to continue reading. 

Right now, I imagine the PRICE you are offering to your prospects for your service feels pretty comfortable and cozy over the phone. 

I want you to run a test this week with your sports coaching business & let me know how it goes. 

If you are doing 1-1 training, clinics, group training or camps (this applies to you) 

1) I want you to start by changing a digit in your pricing for any new prospect. 

- For example (if you charge $300/month)..I want you to change that to $400/month with your next prospect over the phone. 

2) I want you to RECORD yourself saying the price.

The only difference is we are swapping the number 3 with a 4. Get into a new routine saying that to your prospects. 

3) Don't overthink it. Just do...

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